September 26, 2013

How to take your Pinspiration and Make it Work in Your Closet

I'm sure you are like me and your Pinterest "my style" board is filled with fabulous fashion and girls dressed so darn good it's as if they never had a bad fashion day. Pinning on Pinterest is fun, but I am thinking that when it comes to our "my style" boards we would at least like to dress like these fashionistas some of the time right? Here are a couple of my tips when trying to create a Pinterest outfit from your own closet.

1) Make substitutes. A lot of what we love about outfits is the overall look. So when you find a pin, don't get caught up in thinking: I don't have a blue and white stripped skirt, or my brown boots don't look like that. Look at the silhouettes of the pieces and recreate it.

Take this one for example: I don't have an oatmeal colored sweater, gray scarf, or blue and white skirt. So instead I pulled out these pieces that have similar silhouettes and recreated it with the things that were in my closet.

2) Make the look your own. I tried wearing my maxi skirt with a loose fitting tee and denim jacket. It made me look frumpy. {:It was too loose and I am too short:} Instead I took the idea of the outfit and paired it with a less flowy skirt, tighter tank, and instead of a jean jacket I tied my denim chambray top. I added the scarf for a little pop of color. Not really the same outfit, but it inspired me to put a new outfit together in my closet that I wouldn't have on my own. 

3) Let it inspire you to make new clothing combinations. When I got my white jacket, I would have never thought to pear it with this racerback tank…until I saw this pin. While I skipped the strands of pearls because my shirt has a graphic, it inspired yet again another clothing option I wouldn't have tried otherwise.

4) Let it inspire your next shopping trip. Let's face it, there are some pins we see and we just don't have what we need to make it work. So the next time you head out shopping take a look back at your style boards and allow it to guide you in a couple of your purchases. Like this dress, I saw this pin first, then was inspired to buy this $15 H&M dress because I remembered what a cute outfit I could make out of it  from my Pinspirtation.

What Pinspiration outfits have you made work in your wardrobe?
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  1. THIS IS GREAT! I usually do the same thing ;) Your anchor tee is amazing.

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  2. Okay, I REALLY loved this post! I love Pinspiration!

  3. New follower, and so glad to have come across your blog! This post is so great- Pintrest is just so amazing and love all the cute outfits :)

  4. Love this post and really love the last outfit!!! That dress is adorable!

  5. Those are great ways to take your pinspirations and make it into your own! I especially liked what you did with the pin with the white blazer!

    Carla @ Love Cartista

  6. I too have pinned the first outfit and love your recreation!

  7. I love how you have created outfits from pinterest. Please come to my closet and do this for me.


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