September 17, 2013

The Single Girl Diaries - People Actually Celebrate This?!?

Did you know this week is National Singles Week? Like there isn't just a holiDAY dedicated to us single peeps, we have a whole flipping week. This "holiday" of sort makes me giggle a little because I think most single people hardly see being single as a reason bust out the party hats and streamers. But, maybe just maybe whoever invented such a week was on to something. Maybe they were trying to get the single people in their world to get their focus off their loneliness and paranoia of never finding the one and getting their focus back on how awesome they are all by themselves.

I think I kind of could get into this whole holiday thing especially if it makes us stop thinking of singleness as a prison we are trapped in and instead encourages us to celebrate the season we are in a little.

I mean why not? We are single. Who said that being single had to be torture. When was the last time you were actually saying positive things about this place of singleness you find yourself in?

I know there are countless things I envy about my fiends lives who are married and have children, but I also know there are some things they are probably pretty jealous about in my life too. I mean I can go buy a pair of overpriced, to die for heels and have absolutely no one to answer to. I can decide on Friday at 5pm that I want to go spend the weekend with an out of town girlfriend, pack up my bags and be out the door in 30 minutes. I don't have to check with the hubs to make sure that plans haven't been made for me already or call the laundry list of people searching for a babysitter. I can sit and read a book for hours and no one interrupts me, not even once. I can spray the crap out of my hair with dry shampoo in the morning and pretend I took a shower without anyone knowing any different.

The list could go on and on but I think that the best one is how open ended our story remains. Don't get me wrong there is ALWAYS unpredictability in your life, but once you are married with kids there is a large level of your life that becomes predictable. Whereas when your single there is so much left wide open in the unknown. And yes the unknown can be scary but it can also be thrilling! How will you meet your husband, where will you live when you do, how many kids will you both decide to have, what will God call you to as a couple, and the list goes on and on.

So here is to us: to the ladies who choose to walk this road of singleness in confidence and who realize that being single is far better than settling.

Give yourself permission to crank up the single jams tonight, open a bottle of wine, and celebrate the fabulousness of YOU!

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  1. I too am single! I do admit I am not fond of it but that is my life for now! I know its my life because I choose to be picky & never settle for less then I deserve! I know that I just have to have faith in god that when the time is right that he will allow me to meet & marry the one whom I am meant to spend my life with & share children with!

  2. did I miss this holiWEEK?! Single and ready to mingle!


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