September 3, 2013

The Single Girl Diaries - The Time in Between

Hey ladies! It's Tuesday and here on this blog it means it's time for The Single Girl Diaries. I hope you enjoyed Erica's post last week. It was so good right?! 

When you take a step back and you look at the timeline of peoples lives there would be dots on the timeline of significant events in their life: their birth, their first day of school, their first love, high school graduation, going off to college, graduating college, getting married, having babies, etc. etc. All though we have these dots of significant on our time line I believe a lot of our live is spent in "the time in between". 

If you are reading this I am going to go ahead and assume you are kinda in the same place as me relationally: done with casually dating/dating for fun {:because who wants to have that awkward conversation about how you only used him for a couple of free meals and actually have no interest in him:} but haven't found "the one" yet.
I am between the two dots on my timeline of buying my first home and marriage. I bought a home over three years ago and the next dot on my timeline will probably be marriage, but as of now, that dot is still in the future which means I am basically hanging out in between somewhere. So now what? What's a girl to do with the time in between, especially when she has more time on her hands than she had planned for in her lesson plan for life? {:I mean because when you are a little girl planning your life you always end up getting married the summer after college graduation:}
Well, I have had the revelation that the major events in our lives are only as good as the time in between. 
Think about it. All those years "in between" while you are studying away for college exams and staying up until 3 am just to finish your term paper that is due in your 8 am class is what makes graduating college so sweet. Landing your dream job makes all the hours spent slaving over your resume and portfolio absolutely worth it. Winning the state championship in basketball wouldn't be near as sweet if you didn't know the work, time, and dedication you put in to the time in between games.
This season of singleness is the same thing. What are you investing into yourself to make that wedding day and marriage, one day soon, be that much sweeter?  I once heard someone say, that if you want to know how happy you'll be in marriage, look at how happy you are in your singleness. {:Hello conviction:}
Sometimes investing into ourselves can almost be a foreign concept to us. So let me give you some suggestion. Make yourself a chi tea and head into bead around 9 and curl up with a great book. Reading novels is always fun but make sure you are also picking out books that are going to grow you and challenge you with the wisdom between it's pages. Take time to discover who it is you are without someone by your side. Then make sure you love yourself {:because you can't fully love someone else unto you have found out how to love who it is you are:}. Maybe you even start practicing your Betty Crocker skills so one day you can wow your man with a signature dish. 

Start today making yourself into the best you, you can be, because when he shows up you want to present the best you to him.
One of my friends told me her husband is most thankful for the time she was single, because he knows it made her into the woman he fell in love with. 
I am also convinced that the time in between right now is going to make us that much more appreciative when love does come. We are going to appreciate never having to go to bed in an empty house or apartment again when our friends never had to experience that because they went from their parents house to their new house with the hubby. We are going to appreciate showing up to a wedding not just with a date, but with the guy that we feel is way too good for us {:and he'll feel the same way:} because we know how it feels to show up to wedding after wedding alone. We are going to appreciate cooking for two rather than one. We are going to appreciate it all so much more because  of the time we have had to wait. Waiting is so hard but it only makes the end sweeter. 
"It's the time in between, the middle of two things that says everything."~Francesca Battestelli

Now it's your turn to get in on the action. I would love to do a Q&A post soon on The SIngle Girl Diaries, but I want your help. Submit your questions to be answered in an upcoming post by leaving a comment or e-mail them to me at
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  1. I love this girl. As single women, we have to put ourselves first sometimes and figure out what we love, what makes us tick, etc. Then we will be able to love others even more fully!

  2. Loved this post! I definitely lived my single life to the fullest and was the best version of me when I met my husband.

  3. I'm not actually a single girl, I've been in a relationship for nearly two years, but I will always look back on "the time in between" as some of the best years of my life. Whilst I am very happy and satisfied in my current relationship, my "Time in between" was the time in my life where I gave myself the most attention - doing whatever I wanted to do, splurging on myself, as well as discovering myself; having much needed alone time, learning more about myself and what I actually like, and accepting myself as, well, my myself (if that makes sense) xxx
    Tink Jayne


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