September 24, 2013

The SIngle Girl Diaries - Where did all the gentleman go?

I was on my way home from work yesterday, talking to my mama about a guy I use to like in college. I liked this guy who insisted I meet him everywhere we went and if I didn't meet him, I had to pick him up! He also wanted to "hang out" for six months on a nightly basis before he was ready to commit. HOLY SMOKES was I an idiot. Luckily by the time he was ready to commit I was over it and him. But I constantly brushed the comments and questions I would get about it from older family members, mainly my parents, off as just calling them old fashioned.

It got me to thinking about this: Do we live in a society that allows men to get away with no longer being gentleman? I mean we say it's just the "day and age we live in," but is it really or is it us women making excuses for them?

Call me old fashion, but there are a few things that I expect when I go out with a guy {:Things I wish I had expected back then when the above duffs was still in the picture:}. I mean what is up with all these guys these days? We make it way to easy on them. We say yes to a guy asking you out over text message because we say it's how our generation communicates. Then, we meet the guy on the first date instead of having him come and pick us up at our house and just say it's more convenient. Then as if it's not bad enough, we even offer to pay for our meal or movie ticket not wanting to sound over presumptuous that this is a date. Why do we do this? Do we not want to sound too demanding? Not want to expect to much? Or just not value ourselves enough to know we deserve a man who is going to fall all over himself for us?

I mean hello girls, but any guy who does not do any of the above voluntarily is hardly worth your time. If a guy is truly interested in you, he is going to pull out all the stops. He won't run errands with you on your date, he won't ask you to pay, and he won't walk in any door ahead of you.

So girlfriend here is your permission slip. Your permission slip to expect a man to be a gentleman when he dates you. Because he can be a man without being a gentleman. And you my super fox friend are worthy of a gentleman.

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  1. Being a Texas gal, I expect nothing less than chivalry! Which is why I married a southern gentleman from Alabama. Gentlemen still exist! They're a gem when you find one!

  2. Preach it sister. I'm with you. I think it's blurred on both sides though, I think girls can get away without being "ladies" too, if you know what I mean.

  3. Absolutely! I remember a guy who asked me out for months and months- I really did not want to go out with him at all but he was so persistent. Once I did agree grab coffee with him, he didn't even offer to buy me a latte! I couldn't believe that someone so persistent wouldn't go out of his way to impress me when he had the chance. My husband, on the other hand, was a whole different story. He treated me like a queen and he won my heart (though I do think our initial pre-dating "hanging out" was text-initiated). I say don't hold men to strict rules (you can be gracious at times) but don't let them off the hook and walk all over you either. If a man wants you and is worth wanting back he will act like it!

  4. I recently had a date with a guy who first of all didn't speak proper English which is something that drives me crazy. He told me as we were walking out of the restaurant that I had a nice ass. Also, he kept trying to make out with me when saying goodbye. Other than that, I really enjoyed his personality. I decided not to go out with him again, but against my better judgment, I gave him a second chance and decided that I would discuss the lack of refinement as gently as possible and without insulting him. He seemed to listen and the date went very well. I was willing to forego some of the broken English if all else went well. When saying goodnight, he gave me a pretty lengthy kiss and I said thanks for the great date and he then proceeded to put my hand on his **** and said look what that kiss did to me. I was appalled! But that wasn't enough, he decided that I needed to see "it". I quickly got him out the door and that was it. LESSON: don't go on the second date when it didn't work the first time!!!


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