October 25, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday: You have come yet again, and I still find myself behind and have been trying to play catch up all week. There's still lesson plans to do, a house in desperate need of cleaning, and books dying to be read. Well, I suppose that is what the weekend is for and I'll take it! Dear Pretty New Running Shoes: Thank you for being my inspiration to "get back into the grind." It has been all too long since this booty of mine has done squats or anything else active for that matter. We have had a date every night this week and though my body is paying for it, I like it. {:P.S. Thank you for not being neon like all your other friends in the store. They were WAY to crazy for me:}

To my 23 Little Kindergarten Friends: I hope you had fun at the pumpkin patch yesterday, even if it did snow and sleet on us. I loved seeing how happy it made all of you. Field trips always make this teacher exhausted though. Beautiful Blooming Flowers: Thanks for making my home look so much prettier!! Dearest West Virginia Weather: Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year AND YOURE SCREWING IT UP!!! In case you were wondering, it is not winter and snow and sleet is not acceptable at this time. Please try a little harder this week. Dear "All In" Small Group Curriculum by Mark Batterson: Holy awesomeness. Thanks for being exactly what I need exactly when I needed it. To the Foxy Lady {:or Brian:} Reading This: Thanks for always stopping by and leaving comments. It may sound cheesy but it really does make my day.

Happy Friday! 
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