October 7, 2013

One of those weekends

It was totally one of those weekends that leaves you realizing how absolutely blessed you are.

It all started Friday when I got to leave work early {:score:} and head to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania with my pastor to speak at Illuminate Women's Conference. As if spending a whole weekend being with my pastor and just listening to her wisdom and having her pour into me wasn't enough….

...she asked me to speak at the conference as well. Wowie wow wow wow what an opportunity! I absolutely loved having the opportunity to share with those women.

{:The fantastic women who pulled together this event:}

After we got home Saturday afternoon my Ps {:We are three peas in a pod:} came over. I just absolutely adore spending time with these two (almost 3). {:Why do we fail to schedule in more girl time to our schedules, when we know how good it is for us?:}

Then Sunday was just one of those mornings at church. It was just so incredible seeing person after person after person being baptized. It certainly brought tears to this girls eye. Then my pastor cannonballed into the baptismal….yup, he is pretty much the best pastor ever in the history of always.

Then my parents took me out for a free lunch {:Saving money on food always makes a thrifty girl happy:} and the company was kinda phenomenal!

Yup, it was definitely one of those weekends that has left me remembering how blessed I am! How about you?

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