October 29, 2013

The Single Girl Diaries-Don't Blink

I'm sure you've had someone older look at your young life and tell you something like "just blink and it'll be a memory." It's in that moment that I find myself wanting to blink really, really hard in sarcasm.

Blink away this season? Yes, please.

Then I was talking to my friend last night and she was talking about how she can't wait to meet baby number two {:yes, she's getting ready to ask for a table of four and I am still stuck at table for one:}I started thinking back to January 4th 2012 when her first sweet little girl was born. It really does seem like yesterday. I can remember walking in the hospital room and seeing her for the first time and seeing my friend as a mommy for the first time. It's all still so vivid.

Even though this season is tough and sometimes lonely don't blink all the goodness of it away.

Yesterday I had a really rough day at work. By the end of the day I was fighting back tears from just physical and emotional exhaustion. It was so bad that I actually caught myself thanking my dog, out loud, for not being rude and disrespectful. Yup, it was one of those days. Then I realized around 8 o'clock that the effects of the day had fully worn. When I got home from work I relaxed for a bit to calm down,  worked out to release stress, took a nice long shower, and just sat in silence and read for awhile. As soon as I walked in the door from work I didn't have a family expecting me to cook dinner, or play with them, or work on homework. I was able to solely focus on me.

So often I think about all the things I am going to remember to be thankful for when I get married. Things like never having to sit alone in church again, never going to a wedding solo, or never having to walk into a party again wondering if the other people I know are there yet. I want to make a conscious effort to think about all the things I'll look back and long for when this season is over like long hot showers without interruptions, naps on the couch with no one else moving around in the house, hours to read in bed without having to be respectful of someone else wanting to go to bed.

We're here why not choose to be thankful and enjoy it. Often, thats the key that unlocks the door to the next season.

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  1. Such a great reminder! Definitely need to take the time to think about the things we'll miss when we're no longer single and appreciate them now while we can.


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