October 22, 2013

The Single Girl Diaries - The Fairy Tale

I bet you can remember those days when you were younger when you use to put on that "perfect twirling skirt." You know, the one that flew out as you made yourself dizzy twirling. I also remember the days of dress up when I would put on my mom's old night gowns and pretend I was being swept away and married to my prince charming.

As we get older we start to get "more realistic." We don't twirl in our skirts and try to sit down before it falls down{:at least not in public:}. And we don't really buy into the whole idea of fairy tales anymore.

Now it seems like women feel like they need to suppress their desires of wanting to feel needed, loved and romanced as if you aren't quite as strong if you do desire those things. But deep down I believe that every woman has these desires because God made us that way. He made men to reflect the masculine heart of God {:strong; protective; powerful:} and women to reflect the feminine heart of God {:compassionate, nurturing, super human:}

So often I see women who are almost embarrassed to say that they still want all those things as if society might judge her because her career and right to vote isn't enough {: the women who came before us worked awfully hard for that you know:}. I am not making light of the women who fought for our rights, but just because we want to be treated as equals i doesn't mean the desires of our heart has changed.

As single {:or married:} women let's be women who embrace our femininity and the heart that God has created us with. We don't need women who think like men, we need women to think like women. It's what we are created for.

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  1. Sorry! The y didn't show up on very!

  2. LOVE this post! Totally agree 100%, this is such a great reminder.

  3. Such a great reminder!! I think I often mask my want and need for these things by diving into work! Thanks for reminding me its okay :)


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