October 3, 2013

Throwback Thursday

It's throwback Thursday right? So I though it could be fun to show you a few pics from college {:as long as you aren't to harsh with the criticism:}. We all have moments in college that make us cringe,but a lot of times we have tons of stories and memories that we love to relive from our college years because it was a time when the "real life" didn't quite exist yet for most of us so we made the most of it.

Now check out Megan from Hello Newlywed Life throwback pics and her transformations from free and single to mommy hood. 
As I sit down to write this, I can't help but think about Amber's "Single Girl Diaries" post.
When I read her post it took me back, back to a time where I lived a free & independent life, I had the world in front of me. I also got wasted everynight...it was college!
Now, I am a not-so newlywed and a new Mom. Life today is nothing like it was back in college.

8 years ago, I met my husband. He was my 2nd grade crush and I conveniently found him on my big's (sorority shout out, any ZTA ladies?) AIM (remember the AIM days? aka Pre-Facebook) while we were wasted one night, I thought it was a great idea to message him my info. I'm so glad I did because shortly after that drunken stint, we were dating :)
We graduated college and 2 years after living with our parents we rented our first apartment, a cozy 800 sq ft. one bedroom apt. We thought we were living the life, having our friends over almost every night. Once our lease was up we decided to buy a condo in a nearby neighborhood that we LOVED, it was the perfect place for us. One car garage, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths & a dream kitchen. Once again, we thought we were really living the life. It was in this condo that we got our first dog together, Vinny, he quickly became our baby.
We also got engaged, married and a few short months later found out we were expecting, all while living here. Obviously we had to move, we needed more space for our soon to be family of 3.
We bought our dream home and sold our condo, while I was 8 months pregnant...it may have been the ultimate form of nesting? For the record, I do not recommend so many life changes all at one time ;) We moved in, decorated, got the nursery set up and a few weeks later brought our sweet baby girl home from the hospital.
And a new life began, that is when I realized THIS is the life.
Thank you Amber for having me! I hope you all enjoyed my journey from singlehood to mommyhood :)
If you want to follow along our crazy life, you can find us over at Hello Newlywed Life or catch glimpses of our day on Instagram @megawat {if you're single and posting pictures at the club in sexy dresses while sipping martini's, please know that I secretly hate you...because I'm at home in yoga pants, with an 80% chance that I didn't shower and hair is in a pony}
Cheers, to this beautiful life!

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  1. Thanks for having me, Amber!


  2. what a great story megan =)
    love your wedding dress by the way

    simply sutter


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