November 7, 2013

FALLing In Love with this Seasons Must-Haves

Every season has their must-haves right? For summer you have to have the cute bathing suit that hides the love handles and a coverup that is comfy yet cute. Then for winter it's all about the right coat for every occasion. I mean you need the nice winter coat, the everyday winter coat and the play in the snow winter coat. But fall is all about boots, scarves, and sweaters and us girls LOVE IT! Well I get to share my fall fans with you every Wednesday, but today I wanted to introduce you to my friend Ashley to give you her fall must-haves. 

Ashley is actually my first blogger friend that I know in real life {:as if blogger world isn't real life?:}. We have a mutual friend and I have probably known of her for years. I got a message from her probably a little over a month ago telling me she started a blog. I checked it out and what do you know it's adorable and right up my alley. I love following all her outfits. It's like Pinterest on a blog. Anywho, I just think it's so cool when your worlds just kind of connect on all sorts of different levels. 

So be sure to go and show her some love today.

Hey guys! I'm Ashley from Afternoon Espresso.  I am so honored I get to be a part of Amber's blog by doing this guest post!  I'm such a fan of her style and I love reading what she has to say. 

It is officially November and Fall is in full swing, which is my absolute favorite time of the year.  Beautiful leaves on the trees, warm pumpkin spice lattes, the scent of cinnamon all throughout my house, and comfy sweaters.. it's just splendid!  Which, brings me to my Fall essential list:  1. Comfy sweaters-- these are a must for me.  I love to be bundled up in an over sized sweater or cardigan like the one above.  2.  Tall boots-- not only are these functional (keeping your tootsies warm), but very fashionable.  I adore adding some taller socks or leg warmers to stick out at the top like above.  3.  Flannel-- yes, I said it.  Flannel- again, not only is it warm, but it's super cute dressing it up!  Another look I love is wearing a flannel shirt tucked in with a pencil skirt. It's really cute to dress it up. 4.  Scarves-- which are a fabulous way to add a little pop of color to a plain shirt.  Also, who knew you can wrap a scarf so many ways?  (I will be doing a post on this soon.)  Last, but certainly not least... 5. Chap stick-- I have this handy all Fall and Winter long. I never leave my house without my favorite, Burt's Bees Lip Balm.  

For my outfit details head on over to Afternoon Espresso.  I will also be doing a surprise gift card giveaway once I reach 500 likes on my Facebook!     

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