November 13, 2013

Sweaters, Boots, and Scarves Oh My

Hey friends guess what I did last night?! I decorated for Christmas. You can be a bitter Betty all you want about it not even being Thanksgiving yet, but I think it's fantastic. I woke up this morning and snow flurries were coming down, and if it's going to snow I at least want to have a Christmas tree to read by. Okay, okay snow and reading actually really have very little to do with why I put up my Christmas decorations already. I just really enjoy them and since it's the last Christmas in my own home for awhile, I wanted it to last.

Annnnnd that has absolutely nothing to do with my Wednesday fashion post, I just wanted to share. I'm sure I'll post pictures of the house soon. But speaking of pictures, I have some that actually have to do with fashion, the main reason you are probably even reading this here blog post so I will stop the rambling madness and just get on with it.

Cardigan: GAP Outlet//Button down.Earrings.&Pants: NY& Co.//Shoes: Soda//Necklace: Kohls//

Top&Scarf: Old Navy//Pants: NY&Co.//Brown Wedges: Kohls

{:This is my personal favorite outfit of the week. I am a sucker for army green and black:}
Jacket: TJ Maxx//Tank&Wedges: Target//Pants: American Eagle

Scarf: Kohls//Chambray: H&M//Jeans: Kohls//Boots: Amazon//Link Bracelet: Forever21//Cross Bracelet: Alter'D State

Oversized sweater: VS//Boots: Amazon//Black Pants: Kohls

 photo signature1copy_zpsad4ddfa4.jpg


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  2. That last sweater is to die for. I love me some big sweaters with leggings, especially in the winter. You are just too precious for words lady. I love seeing all the fun you have with your style.

  3. I love that last sweater! It looks super comfy too!

  4. In response to my workout look great!! I love the outfits (especially the red skinnies)!


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