November 12, 2013

The Single Girl Diaries-The Fairytale

Think about your favorite scene from your favorite romantic movie….the scene where Jack is holding on to Rose at the bow of the ship in the Titanic ; in the Notebook when Noah and Allie are out on the lake and the storm comes rolling in; or when Edward drives his limo to Vivian's apartment and climbs up the fire escape to rescue his princess in Pretty Woman.

As single woman we are often longing and waiting for our fairytale. We dream about when it's coming and with who it will be. We dream about what it will look like and how he will sweep us off our feet and romance us. But, what we really need to know is that while we are waiting on our fairytale, we are missing the one God already has for us.

God, the lover of your soul, wants to romance you. Sometimes just thinking of that either makes us uncomfortable, or brings us to wonder if it's okay for us to see God this way. But the most intimate way God relates to us is as the bridegroom, and as our groom he wants to take us on our own fairytale. One that is designed specifically for us. Though he won't romance you in ways of romantic nights on the lake in a canoe for toe or with candlelight dinners, he will romance you in ways that only he can. Ways that he specifically thinks of to capture your heart. After all, he does know you better than anyone else. He will give you a beautiful sunset on your worst day to remind you, you're never alone, and just to bring a smile to your lips. He will sneak a 20 dollar bill in your winter coat from last year for you to find at the exact moment you could use a little extra cash. He will send you to a chapter or verse in the Bible that speaks exactly to what is going on in your life, so that you can know He is with you. He will whisper encouragement into your soul in your weakest and most insecure moments just because it breaks his heart to see you hurting and struggling.

God's love notes are all around us but so often we don't see them because we are too busy waiting for a different kind of fairytale. We are waiting for a fairytale that could never compare to the one that is waiting for us to open ourselves up to.

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  1. I love this- it really is so true. God is greater than anything we can even think to imagine!


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