November 29, 2013

The True Test of Friendship

We have all have all different kinds of friendships in our lives. Some of the friendships are simply meant for a season, others for a lifetime. As I have grown older and gone through college, and had friends get married, I have learned that the true test of a friendship is distance. I had friends in college, where if you saw one the other wasn't far away. We lived together and did everything together. But, over time we drifted apart. Mainly, they went back home to where they are from and I stayed here. Now, my only glimpse into their life is through Facebook.

But, then there are those sweet and special friends that move hundreds, even thousands of miles away, yet you still stay connected.

I have two of those friends. One lives in Savannah with her husband, and the other lives in Austin with her husband and two kids. When your friends move a distance away the relationship obviously changes. It's inevitable. You aren't able to run over to their house for a quick 30 minute visit, you don't run into them at work or at church anymore, and phone dates become difficult with differing schedules. But you know your relationship has taken on the weight of distance when you both make plans to see each other despite the distance. Whether that means them making the time to see you in their busy schedule while they are home or you planning a visit to see them.

I guess I am about to experience the true test of friendship with all of my friends….Australia. But, you know, I think deep down we already know the friendships that will last forever.


  1. It wasn't until a trip to MI that I reconnected with friends that I really didn't considered friends. Now my perspective has changed.


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