November 23, 2013

Thoughts from the girl who is moving to the other side of the world

When I first accepted the fact that I was going to be moving to Australia I would wake up in the middle of the night and have these intense moments of anxiety. They wouldn’t always happen at night though, sometimes it would happen while I was washing dishes or in the middle of my day teaching. I would just become overwhelmed by the “what ifs.” 

It happened quite a lot because when you find out you are moving to the other side of the world in less than a year; it consumes your every waking thought. I don’t think about it incessantly anymore, and I can once again focus at work, but there is still the daily though of “holy crap, I am moving to the other side of the world!”
{:Hanging out on a huge rock on one of the beaches in Australia:}

So what does one think about when they realize they will be living upside down in Australia this time next year? Well, lemme tell ya! The questions are about as all over the place as I am.

How long will I be over there before I start to develop the kinds of awesome relationships I have here? I mean I will be living with a few other girls so that will help me to quickly get to know people, but that doesn’t mean they will be my long lost soul mate. I mean most of us know that living with girls isn’t always the easiest. 

Where am I going to get my hair done?! I am sure you are thinking this is the least of my worries, but no one wants to be walking around with 6 month old roots people. This is important! Okay, maybe not the top two important, but still important.

I HATE things that crawl or slither!
Annnnnnd I am going to the continent with the most deadly snakes and spider!? Enough said.

How the heck am I going to function without a car?
I have friends who lived there who have assured me that public transportation there is fantastic, but it will definitely be an adjustment from coming and going as I please to switching over and operating on a bus o train schedule. {:This one I think will fall into place when I get there, we’ll I am sure they all will.:}

I wonder what kind of job I will have while I am there. 
I am paying my own way over there so while I am in school I will work part time. So I can't help but to  wonder what I will do. Will I nanny, will I work at a fast food store, will I work retail? Who knows and who cares as long as it pays!

How in the world am I going to afford this endeavor??
This is probably the question I panic over the most. When you apply, the college has you calculate out about how much money you will need to have to be over there for two years and when you calculate it out, it's no pocket change people! It can stress this girl out pretty fast until I remind myself that God called me to this and if He called me to it He will provide. He hasn't set me up to fail, rather He has gone ahead and prepared a way for me. And honestly, that is the answer to all of these little worries. God knows my heart and my concerns and has an answer to every question, even down to who will cut and color my hair, because he is a God of details. I love that about Him.

So yeah, even though new thoughts and questions rise up in my head on a daily basis it's always good to know that the one who called me to this already knows the answer. I just need to remember that!

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  1. I completely* understand how you feel, we are living in Morocco now and it was soooo overwhelming!!! But I can assure you that little by little, everything falls into place. And sometimes you can surprise yourself on how different you become- your needs, wants and old life can change without you even knowing and then you come out of everything a bright, shiny new person!!!!

    Good luck from a fellow Amber! :)

  2. I am so jealous of your move. What an adventure! Can't wait to keep hearing about it.

  3. I am laughing at your hair question! I am thinking of moving to Texas and that was one of my first thoughts! haha God is seriously doing some AMAZING things in your life and all of the anxiety and questions are going to be answered. If he is leading you than have no worries, you are in the BEST of hands :)


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