November 14, 2013

Trading comfort for your calling

There's something I have started to realize these past few months as the reality of moving to Australia becomes closer and closer: comfort and calling rarely {:if ever:} coexist.

I can remember countless times praying to God asking Him to reveal the call He had for my life. So often those prayers were answered with silence. I use to think "okay, God I am asking what you want me to do with my life FOR YOU. This is hardly the time you should be quiet." But, so often He was revealing what he wanted me to do and what the next step was, I just didn't want to hear it that way because I wasn't willing to give up my comfort to go all in with what He had for me.

See I live an incredibly comfortable life. I live in a cute little house that I own and adore. I have a nice job {:with summers off:} that pays the bills. I live a short 30 minute drive from my parents. I have a church I love. I have the kind of friends people pray for. And, I have the cutest dog on the planet. I'm living the dream!

But then, God goes and messes with my comfort and tells me that His will for me is to move to Australia. AUSTRALIA! If you hold a globe and put one finger on West Virginia and the other on Australia you will see that it is literally the farthest place away from home.

Now, I know Australia isn't some awful, dangerous third world country, but it's certainly not my comfort zone either. I am going over to a foreign country alone. I don't know anyone who lives in Australia. I'm going from living alone to living in a house with 5-7 other girls. I am leaving my family, friends, and dog  half way around the world. AND, I am quitting a job that I have gone through college and a masters program to have. This whole idea may sound fun and exciting to an outsider, but it's certainly not comfortable.

But God gave me the choice: Will you be more concerned with your comfort or your calling?

He wasn't going to push me into doing anything I wasn't willing to do. So often He simply asks the question and lets us decide. When left with this decision we realize that we don't want to leave the safety of our comfort zone and what we know for the unknown, scary, and uncomfortable. I mean, God couldn't really want us to be uncomfortable could he?

Think about it this way. Have you ever had something that needed rehabilitating or know someone that has? They go in and take off the comfort of their brace or cast and endure weeks and weeks of pain and discomfort, but they go through it because they know the end result is worth the discomfort.

This is how it is with God. He often asks if we are willing to get uncomfortable for him so he can take us somewhere so much better than the safety of our comfort zone.

One question I always get asked when people find out I am moving to Sydney to attend Bible college is "what are you going to do after?" My answer is always the same: I don't know. A lot of peoples faces show their instant though of "you're an idiot." But this is probably where I struggle the least. I have so much faith that if God is calling me to get this uncomfortable for His will, the other side of this journey is going to be a way better story than even the beginning and I cannot wait to share.

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  1. This was a great post! You are so right about accepting God's calling even if it is outside of your comfort zone.

  2. I love reading about your journey and decision to go to Australia! Trading comfort for your calling is incredibly hard to do, but oh so rewarding. God sees your sacrifice and will bless you beyond belief.


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