December 31, 2013

Farewell 2013

The last day of 2013. Wow, what a year it has been. This year has been one that was filled with a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. But on the last day on 2013, I can't help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude and marvel at the number of blessings I have been given this past year. Thanks to each and every one of you reading this for coming along on the ride with me this past year and encouraging me with your sweet messages and emails. I am beyond thankful for this blogging world I have truly discovered this year. Thank you!

For the last post of 2013 I am linking up with Lauren to give you one last fashion post for the year. I hope you enjoy. Be safe tonight and...

Happy New Year!

                                                                            Jacket/Black Jeans/Boots/Headband

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December 30, 2013

2013 Goal Recap

Tomorrow is the last day of 2013! Can you believe it? 2013 was a year of fresh beginnings for me. It had its ups and downs, but 2014 will without a doubt be the best year yet. I always believe that no matter how good or bad the past, the best is always ahead.

Every year on January first, I take the day to reflect on the past year and set new goals for the upcoming one. I shared many of my 2013 goals with you last January. All my goals were set at a point that was almost unreachable, but my motto was: I would rather shoot big and not make it than aim small and stop with something less than my potential.

In 2013 I wanted to….

Read 20 books:

      I didn't think I was going to make this goal but I pulled it out over Christmas. I actually read 23! I 
      read countless amazing books and you can check out my reviews on some of the books here.

Write encouraging letters to friends and send them through snail mail.
     I could have done better on this goal. I did this way more often than I would have had it not been a 
     goal, but its something I wish I had done even more often than I did.

Bring 20 people to church

      This was probably my biggest fail, but this was also the loftiest goal I set. Stats say that for every 10   
      people you invite to church, one will come. That means I would have had to invite 200 people. 
      Unfortunately, I didn't invite that many people, but the goal did force me out of my comfort zone  
      and to invite people more often than I would have. So the actual goal was a miss but the point of the 
      goal was a success.

Make healthier decisions

      Weeeeeeeell….I could work on this one a little more. I did take the initiative and worked out more 
      in 2013, but I could certainly use some improvement in this area. Working out, being sore, and 
      eating grass is just not my jam. But I will try……maybe.

Memorize 20 scriptures

      Check. If only I could remember their references.

Complete at least 6 DIY projects

     This was probably done by March. I did a ton of DIY projects this year, especially in my remodeled 
     study. You can see some of my other fun projects from the year here.


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December 27, 2013

Things I Learned in 2013

At the end of each year, like many of you, I start looking back on the year to all the things I learned from the year. For this Friday I am linking up with Lauren & Lauren to give you the five things I learned this past year. 
Note to self: never go to the Super Bowl if you're afraid of the dark. 
I now know that dancing with giant bears on stage and twerking on married men is cool….or the start of the freak show that has now become Miley. {:Good job Liam-run boy run:}
And I will never see those poor innocent foam fingers the same.

I think Amanda Bynes missed the days on the Amanda show because she sure gave us a show this year and every episode was called "She Cray Cray"

I now know how to use hashtags in everyday conversations. Thanks JT and Jimmy! Possibly the funniest video I saw this year.

Mixing 2 divas as judges on American Idol does not = a ratings boost. Try again AI. Aint nobody got time for that! Poor Keith Urban. You get man of the year for putting up with all that lunacy and staying on the show. To reward you we will not sit you beside Jennifer Lopez next season. You're welcome!
What important life lessons did you learn in 2013?
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December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

"One night a year we believe in peace on Earth, one night a year we praise our Savior's birth. I wish every night the whole year through could be like Christmas Eve, when love's pure light is shining everywhere, one night a year." Barbra Mandrell

~Merry Christmas from My Life in High Heels~
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December 23, 2013

The Best Movies & Games for Your Christmas Road Trip

Tis the season for road trips. All over people are packing up and loading up for hours upon hours of forced family fellowship. The time spent cooped up in a car with family, and possibly pets, can be well….interesting. To make the car ride a little more enjoyable here are some of my picks for road trip games and movies.

The 5 Best Road Trip Games
1) Categories: One person in the car selects a category (Christmas Songs). That person will name something in the category (Oh Christmas Tree). The next person must repeat what the first person said and add to the list (Oh Christmas Tree, Jingle Bells). The game continues this way until someone fails to remember the list.
2) Team Story Telling: Create a story as a family. Each person in the car comes up with a line of the story. The first person may say: "Once upon a time in the North Pole…." and then pick someone else in the car to come up with the next line. If you have kids, once you are done they could illustrate the story on paper to occupy them for a little longer.
3) The Alphabet Game: Each person in the car is competing against the others to be the first to find all the letters in the alphabet, in alphabetical order. Two people cannot use the same letter on the same sign (if there are two "a"s on the same sign, thats allowed). The first person to Z wins.
4) Yellow Car: Keep your eyes open for yellow cars. If you find a yellow car without writing on it (no Taxis) before anyone else in your car then you get a point. If a driver sees a yellow car in the rearview mirror, it is 2 points, and yellow motorcycles are three points. However, if you call yellow car and there is not one or it has writing on it, you lose a point. You may also choose to set a time limit for them game. The most points in 30 minutes wins.
5) Would You Rather?: This game can be fun. People take turns asking random questions to the other people in the car of which they would rather. For example: Would you rather suffocate in mayonnaise or drown in pickle juice? If you have trouble making up the questions for this game, of corse, there is an app for that.

Best 5 Christmas Road Trip Movies
1) Elf: because Will Ferrel is hilarious
2) The Polar Express: to satisfy the Kiddos
3) White Christmas: because it's a classic
4) While You Were Sleeping: I just really like this one
5) The Santa Claus: an all around favorite

Hopefully this comes in handy for some of you this Christmas when you are about 2 seconds from exploding due to too much family closeness ;)
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December 19, 2013

That one time I ate a candle….

Oh how I wish the title of this blog wasn't true, but sadly, it totally 100% is. 

Being a teacher, a lot of my little ones bring me in Christmas goodies {: snow globes with their pictures in them, gift cards, baked goods, miniature jellies, figurines of Santa riding a cow-yes I have received all of these things:} 

Monday morning one of my sweet friends brought me in a Christmas tin of goodies. His mom sells Sentsy so there were several Sentsy items in the tin and one of those candy mold things. 

I brought the said gift home and set it on my counter. Later that night I was looking through it and saw that the candy mold had a tag. The tag said it was made by my students sister, who I had three years ago. I did a little "awe" then decided to eat the yumminess. It was a cute red heart and I couldn't wait to sink my teeth in; it was certainly going to fill my sweet tooth. Yes, well that was until I took a huge bite {:half of the heart to be exact:} and remember thinking "yuck a cinnamon one". Then I remember my eyes getting very wide as I realized :wait this is awfully waxy and wow it is awful." Yup, that's right my friends-it was not a yummy candy mold, it was a candle!  I ran through the house yelling about how awful it was as Gracie didn't know what to do about all the yelling and running so just decided to stare at me with her head tilted. I ran to the kitchen trash can flung it open and proceeded to spit over and over again to get all the WAX out of my mouth. The spitting was unsuccessful so I ran to the refrigerator to get a drink-another bad idea. Now there was just more wax in my stomach!  Then I decided it was time to brush my teeth. This helped rid my mouth of the awful, horrible taste but I still had to send there and pick the was from teeth. 

The next morning I told my team members this insanity and they couldn't keep my tragedy to themselves, because all day I had co-workers popping in asking me how that candle wax tasted. I grabbed my assistants "candy mold popsicle thing" to show them how easily it was to confuse and thats when I saw hers had a tag that said "place in a candle warmer." They forgot my label and tried to poison me!!! Just kidding not true but wowie wow wow did I pay for that mistake.

Oh well it does make for quite a story right.

Happy Thursday y'all!
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December 18, 2013

It's Almost Here

That much needed break for all of us is just a few short work days away. 

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can... 

Even though it's a few short days away the ones closest to a vacation always seem to drag on. If you're a teacher you know the kids tend to be psychotic full of excitement and holiday cheer these last few days before Christmas. Ahhhh, well to pass the time some until you get to break, I am linking up with Lauren & Sarah to show you my outfit of the week.

Happy ALMOST vacation!

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December 17, 2013

Christmas Traditions-Christmas Eve

In exactly one week from today a lot of us will be making memories with our families around the Christmas tree and stuffing our tummies with AH-mazing holiday foods.

In honor of the one week countdown to Santa Ho-Ho-Hoing and all that jazz, I thought I would share with you my families Christmas Eve traditions.

Every Christmas my my parents and I travel down to Alabama where the rest of my family lives. We all gather at one family members house which means the festivities have begun. 

My family is a big, loud, southern family. They actually wrote the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" after my family but instead of it being My Big Fat Southern wedding they changed the name to protect our future decedents from horrible humiliation at our shenanigans. {:Instead of Windex, my mom has literally put Pine-Sol on a dudes face when he got a cut-see, told ya! I just can't make this kinda stuff up.:}

So back to Christmas Eve. When you walk in the door you are greeted with a roar of laughter and conversation going on in about ever room of the house. If your a newbie, the first question you will be asked is who you side with- Auburn or Alabama. This pretty much causes allegiances in the family and forces you to take a side. Once enemy lines have been drawn, one of my uncles will probably give you the tenth degree, simply because he is weird and twisted and enjoys making people feel uncomfortable.

After the inquisition you would be forced to take tons of pictures-ones with your family {:or the family you came with:}, with your husband/boyfriend/fiancĂ© {:or in my case your dog:}, and more pictures with whatever other random groups they pick out. 
{the young-sidh cousins:}

{:My familia:}

 {:The girl youngish cousins:}

After we torture you with pictures, then you'll have a few minutes peace while one of the younger cousins reads the story of Jesus' birth, we pray over the food then dig into some of the most amazing food on the planet. We may be loud and crazy but one thing my family can do is COOK. You will not leave hungry, promise. Buuut you will have to sit at the kiddy table if you come with me because somehow at 27 years old I have never left the kiddie table.

After our food settles you will then be forced to play our families favorite Christmas game. I don't actually know the name of the game we simply call it "the box game." {:Original, I know.:} If you play you pitch in a couple of bucks for the prize at the end. 

There are 5 to 6 boxes wrapped inside of each other, but the trick is they are wrapped with packing tape. Those playing the game sit in a large circle and roll a dice one at a time. If you roll doubles, you must put on a Santa hat, ski gloves, and a scarf then start tearing into that gift. Meanwhile, the dice keep going around the circle so you are very likely to be choked while opening the present and someone snatches the hat, gloves, and scarf away from you {:just consider this initiation into the family:}. But don't worry, you don't need to worry about winning the money because that is usually my job, and I make no apologies.

Well, now that you know what really goes down at our Christmas Eve family bash who's going to be my guest this year?
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December 16, 2013

We all need a Monday boost

It was snowing this weekend and I actually spent hours on Saturday sipping coffee and catching up with some of my favorite blogs. I NEVER find the time to do that as much as I would like so this was a rare treat and I loved it.

As I was reading I kept coming across this Blogmopolitain quiz on a bunch of friends blogs so I couldn't resist! It is like those quizzes the cover model for Cosmo would fill out on the side of their interview article. I wonder how long it took them to fill these things out because it took this kid awhile to think of some of the answers. So since it's Monday and we all need an extra boost to get through Monday, I am going to pretend I am a celeb. And luck you, you get to pretend you actually want to know about my quiz ;)

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December 13, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things

A few of my favorite things were all wrapped up in this one week! Babies, snow, Christmas, Jesus <#

What better way to show you than linking up with Lauren for High 5 for Friday?

Saturday I got to spend time with these love bugs! Jealous yet? Oh man I could just eat them up!

I also got presents wrapped and under the tree Saturday. Having a tree is beautiful but having presents under the tree just makes me smile that much more.

Sunday morning was so sweet. Every weekend in December our church does some kind of outreach for the community. This past Sunday, it was Christmas Cash for Kids. This program is for families who didn't get paperwork completed in time or were turned away from other aide programs. It just makes sure every child is provided for on Christmas morning. The kids at the church save for weeks, months, for this morning each year. Love their little, sweet hearts!

Then we got snow, TWICE, this week, Sunday and Tuesday. It was beautiful. This was only about 2 hours into it. We have 6-7 inches out there now. I also got two snow days off from work. A three day work week is rather nice I must say.

And lastly, we have our big Christmas production, Light, at the church this weekend. I love being a part of it.It has definitely caused some stress as my old body has tried to learn moves and dance the way I did years ago but its always worth it when it finally gets here.

So tell me, how was your week?
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December 12, 2013

The Single Girl Diaries-Merry EX-MAS

Tis the season to be lonely fa la la la la, la la la la. Oh wait….

Let's be honest, this time of year can be rough on a single girl's heart. Couples are all cuddled up sipping hot chocolate in front of the fire as they watch an endless marathon of Hallmark movies. Everywhere you go you see couples smiling and holding hands and enjoying the season together. Every Christmas movie on TV is a Christmas love story and that seems to be the only thing anyone can sing about on the radio.

Ahhh, so much for tis the season to be jolly right? Well, it's okay to feel a little lonely, as long as you don't stay focused on it.

The Christmas season often turns into EX-mas for a lot of us single girls. We start thinking back on the memories we have with our exes and start thinking of all the wonderful holidays we shared with them. The nights you went looking at Christmas lights, the perfect way he surprised you with exactly what you wanted for Christmas {:even though it was more than he could afford:}, and the holiday parties you had a blast at together.

Even though those memories are fun to think about, they should come with a warning label. Don't let your mind slip into the thoughts of shoulda, coulda, woulda, simply because you are lonely and all you want for Christmas is your ex back. The stroll down memory lane is a slippery slope when you're lonely this time of year and can often cause more damage than good. A season of cuddling on the couch isn't worth the many nights of heartbreak that will soon follow when you again remember why it didn't work the first time.

Chin up pretty lady. You are confident, beautiful, and successful and there really is a reason to be JOLLY this season. Plus, just think, this may be your last single girl Christmas ever! So enjoy only spending it with your family instead of hurrying to multiple Christmas dinners.

Merry Christmas Single Girl.

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December 11, 2013

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Once again, I am linking up with Lauren today, to bring you my favorite outfit from the week. 

This was my winter wonderland outfit. As I was wearing it Sunday, the snow started coming down! But it was perfect-the off white felt very appropriate and the  boots kept my too ties warm and dry! A must for sure. 

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December 10, 2013

Birthdays, Old Souls, & a Giveaway

I have the lovely Natalie doing a sponsor post for you all today, but before we get to that I have to wish my amazing Dad a happy happy birthday! Love you to the moon and back.


Hey lovelies! I'm Natalie, pleased to meet all of you! I blog over at All Things Natalie Christa, which I consider a lifestyle blog. I blog mostly about fashion, deals I come across, my travels, DIY's, maybe one or two recipes, the positive and negatives in life, and whatever else I think of.

I'm a 16 year old who is stuck in high school, & who also can't wait to get out and embark on life. I am also a lover of Jesus like Miss Amber here :). He has gotten me to where I am today. I am not as open about my faith on my blog as I wish I were, but I 'm working on changing that.

Some may say I'm not the average teen, a lot has happened to me in my 16 years of life. Divorce, Mom battling cancer, losing all my closest friends, and other things that have caused me to grow up a little faster than I probably would've liked. But I've also been extremely blessed, in one way with a "gift" my mom likes to call "an old soul", which means I basically act and feel like a 30 year old who's stuck in a younger persons body. I put gift in quotes, because this old soul thing has also been a little bit of a curse. Especially when I feel like I've grown up so much faster than other people my age  For example, a lot of the time I feel 10x deeper than the people my age. Deeper in the sense of how I talk and feel. Also in in the choices I make. It's hard finding people who I can relate with and have a real conversation with. Fitting in has been a challenge, especially when I'm surrounded with people whose highest goal is to party party party, while all I can think about is College and getting away from this cesspool of people I don't fit in with.

While people my age have different goals, I'm working on my goals which has become my passion, blogging, and of course, working on getting myself into college, Flagler College in particular{my dream school}!

To give you a little background on the history of my blog, I first started my little blog while I was visiting my Granddad and Aunt in California this past summer. {Yes, I've only been a blogger for 6 months, so I'm still pretty new at this}. They were the ones who originally gave me the idea to create a blog, so that they could keep up with my family and me, over here on the East Coast. What was suppose to be just something for my family to read for fun, has become a full on obsession and hobby of mine! I've found a whole new family in the blogging community that I now feel like I'd be lost without them! This has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I can't wait to see how {I hope} my blog flourishes and to see where i't takes me next. I hope you come along for the ride!

Follow me on Bloglovin'// Twitter// Pinterest// Instagram

Now GO GO and enter in to win that beautiful necklace!

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