December 10, 2013

Birthdays, Old Souls, & a Giveaway

I have the lovely Natalie doing a sponsor post for you all today, but before we get to that I have to wish my amazing Dad a happy happy birthday! Love you to the moon and back.


Hey lovelies! I'm Natalie, pleased to meet all of you! I blog over at All Things Natalie Christa, which I consider a lifestyle blog. I blog mostly about fashion, deals I come across, my travels, DIY's, maybe one or two recipes, the positive and negatives in life, and whatever else I think of.

I'm a 16 year old who is stuck in high school, & who also can't wait to get out and embark on life. I am also a lover of Jesus like Miss Amber here :). He has gotten me to where I am today. I am not as open about my faith on my blog as I wish I were, but I 'm working on changing that.

Some may say I'm not the average teen, a lot has happened to me in my 16 years of life. Divorce, Mom battling cancer, losing all my closest friends, and other things that have caused me to grow up a little faster than I probably would've liked. But I've also been extremely blessed, in one way with a "gift" my mom likes to call "an old soul", which means I basically act and feel like a 30 year old who's stuck in a younger persons body. I put gift in quotes, because this old soul thing has also been a little bit of a curse. Especially when I feel like I've grown up so much faster than other people my age  For example, a lot of the time I feel 10x deeper than the people my age. Deeper in the sense of how I talk and feel. Also in in the choices I make. It's hard finding people who I can relate with and have a real conversation with. Fitting in has been a challenge, especially when I'm surrounded with people whose highest goal is to party party party, while all I can think about is College and getting away from this cesspool of people I don't fit in with.

While people my age have different goals, I'm working on my goals which has become my passion, blogging, and of course, working on getting myself into college, Flagler College in particular{my dream school}!

To give you a little background on the history of my blog, I first started my little blog while I was visiting my Granddad and Aunt in California this past summer. {Yes, I've only been a blogger for 6 months, so I'm still pretty new at this}. They were the ones who originally gave me the idea to create a blog, so that they could keep up with my family and me, over here on the East Coast. What was suppose to be just something for my family to read for fun, has become a full on obsession and hobby of mine! I've found a whole new family in the blogging community that I now feel like I'd be lost without them! This has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I can't wait to see how {I hope} my blog flourishes and to see where i't takes me next. I hope you come along for the ride!

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Now GO GO and enter in to win that beautiful necklace!

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  1. The necklace is absolutely beautiful. Also, glad to find another great blog to follow (Natalie)!

  2. Happy Birthday to your dad, Amber!
    Nat, mum is right about old soul haha! Anyway, your decision of starting a blog was awesome! Like me, starting blogging has become the best decision of my life!

  3. What a great throwback pic of you and your dad, Amber! I am SUCH a daddy's girl!

    Natalie, your blog is so cute! At the risk of sounding old, I think it's great you have your head on straight and and are looking towards the future! I have a son who is a little over a year old, and my husband and I are often horrified of the teenage years. Hopefully he will have his head on straight as well!

    Also, I'm new to blogging to... excited to find another "newbie!"

    Happy Tuesday girls!

  4. Awesome giveaway :)) Thank you so much for it! happy birthday to your dad :)

  5. so exictecd to see winner name :) Merry xmas


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