December 5, 2013

I'm 27…How did that happen?!

{:Since it's Thursday and people expect pictures in posts, I thought I would do a throwback from my birthday last year in DC where I got to hang out with my girl Harriet Tubman-we go way back:}

On Sunday I turned 27. How did that happen? Three years away from 30….let's pretend that's not true okay? I still feel the same as I did when I was in high school….until I try to do the things I did in high school. Although I still feel young at heart I have learned a few things in my 27 years here on the planet, so I thought I would share.
  • Time is short: don't get too attached to the stuff, its not forever, but never miss an opportunity to build the relationships that mean the most-you never know how long you have.
  • Life plans…they rarely go according to plan. Instead of trying to make life fit into your plan or fretting over the fact that life isn't falling perfectly in sync with your timeline enjoy the moment you're in….someday you might miss it.
  • Live for an audience of one. Not everyone is going to like you. The quickest way to hate yourself is to try and please everyone else.
  • Life doesn't play by the rules. Things that shouldn't and "couldn't" ever happen to you sometimes will. Hang on to God it's the only hope you have.
  • You will forever need your girlfriends! There are some things your boyfriend/fiance/ best guy friend/dad/ or whatever will never understand. Whether you are dating Mr. Right or having fun in pursuit of him, never let the girl friendships you've created waiver. You never now when you will need them the most.
  • It will never taste like home cooking. I can make the exact same meals as my mom, using the same recipe, and do everything perfectly. Yet, it just doesn't taste as good as when mama makes it.
  • You parents miraculously get a lot smarter the older you get. I can't tell you the countless times I have looked back and gone "oh, I get it now" on moments when I was raging mad at them or thought they were being dumb.
  • Everything and everyone will fail you at some point in your life except God. Create a relationship with Him that will hold firm when everything else is shaking around you.
  • 90% of what you learned in college will be useless to you in the real world. College is great and sure you learn some things you will need in your job, but most of it is learned through on the job training.
  • Reading is actually fun, once you have the choice of what you read. Get through high school and college where they force you to read the snooze fest books the classics and then pick out a good book that sounds interesting to you and I bet you'll love it.
There is a lot more, but I don't want to keep you reading for 27 years either. Happy Thursday!
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  1. Happy late birthday friend! I hope it was amazing. I love looking back at the years that have passed and seeing what lessons I have learned so far. 27 will be your best year yet. I have no doubt about that.

  2. Happy Belated birthday! Cheers to your 26 years of life.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! That is some great life advice, thanks for sharing! :)

  4. awhh! Happy Birthday Amber!! I hope you have a wonderful day! Loved your insights :) and there were some good reminders for me, that God is my only hope. He is the one that will never let me down. so thank you!

  5. Happy Birthday! Yes, life is waaaay too short!!!

  6. Happy Birthday!

    I actually cried on my 27th birthday because all I could think is "I'm almost 30! ahhh!"

    Great advice!


  7. Happy belated birthday!!!! 27 is going to be such an exciting year for you!


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