December 19, 2013

That one time I ate a candle….

Oh how I wish the title of this blog wasn't true, but sadly, it totally 100% is. 

Being a teacher, a lot of my little ones bring me in Christmas goodies {: snow globes with their pictures in them, gift cards, baked goods, miniature jellies, figurines of Santa riding a cow-yes I have received all of these things:} 

Monday morning one of my sweet friends brought me in a Christmas tin of goodies. His mom sells Sentsy so there were several Sentsy items in the tin and one of those candy mold things. 

I brought the said gift home and set it on my counter. Later that night I was looking through it and saw that the candy mold had a tag. The tag said it was made by my students sister, who I had three years ago. I did a little "awe" then decided to eat the yumminess. It was a cute red heart and I couldn't wait to sink my teeth in; it was certainly going to fill my sweet tooth. Yes, well that was until I took a huge bite {:half of the heart to be exact:} and remember thinking "yuck a cinnamon one". Then I remember my eyes getting very wide as I realized :wait this is awfully waxy and wow it is awful." Yup, that's right my friends-it was not a yummy candy mold, it was a candle!  I ran through the house yelling about how awful it was as Gracie didn't know what to do about all the yelling and running so just decided to stare at me with her head tilted. I ran to the kitchen trash can flung it open and proceeded to spit over and over again to get all the WAX out of my mouth. The spitting was unsuccessful so I ran to the refrigerator to get a drink-another bad idea. Now there was just more wax in my stomach!  Then I decided it was time to brush my teeth. This helped rid my mouth of the awful, horrible taste but I still had to send there and pick the was from teeth. 

The next morning I told my team members this insanity and they couldn't keep my tragedy to themselves, because all day I had co-workers popping in asking me how that candle wax tasted. I grabbed my assistants "candy mold popsicle thing" to show them how easily it was to confuse and thats when I saw hers had a tag that said "place in a candle warmer." They forgot my label and tried to poison me!!! Just kidding not true but wowie wow wow did I pay for that mistake.

Oh well it does make for quite a story right.

Happy Thursday y'all!
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  1. Oh my gosh. I am dying! They do look a lot alike!! haha I always like to ask and be extra careful when I receive gifts for this exact reason. I will be making double sure this time around. No candle cookies for me.

  2. Hahaha....very similar thing happened to a friend of mine last week. She volunteers at an assisted living home for adults with intellectual disabilities and as she was leaving the other day they they handed her a ziploc bag with what she thought were homemade cookies (shaped like trees covered in what appeared to be red sprinkles). She took them home and decided to try one and bit into not a cookie but a homemade bath bomb! It starts fizzing in her mouth and she's trying to rise her mouth out with water but that's only making the whole thing worse...I only wish I could have been there to witness it!

  3. Oh my goodness sweet girl.. I would be lying if I said this is not a little funny but I also am sure that you was far from happy once that occured!


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