December 23, 2013

The Best Movies & Games for Your Christmas Road Trip

Tis the season for road trips. All over people are packing up and loading up for hours upon hours of forced family fellowship. The time spent cooped up in a car with family, and possibly pets, can be well….interesting. To make the car ride a little more enjoyable here are some of my picks for road trip games and movies.

The 5 Best Road Trip Games
1) Categories: One person in the car selects a category (Christmas Songs). That person will name something in the category (Oh Christmas Tree). The next person must repeat what the first person said and add to the list (Oh Christmas Tree, Jingle Bells). The game continues this way until someone fails to remember the list.
2) Team Story Telling: Create a story as a family. Each person in the car comes up with a line of the story. The first person may say: "Once upon a time in the North Pole…." and then pick someone else in the car to come up with the next line. If you have kids, once you are done they could illustrate the story on paper to occupy them for a little longer.
3) The Alphabet Game: Each person in the car is competing against the others to be the first to find all the letters in the alphabet, in alphabetical order. Two people cannot use the same letter on the same sign (if there are two "a"s on the same sign, thats allowed). The first person to Z wins.
4) Yellow Car: Keep your eyes open for yellow cars. If you find a yellow car without writing on it (no Taxis) before anyone else in your car then you get a point. If a driver sees a yellow car in the rearview mirror, it is 2 points, and yellow motorcycles are three points. However, if you call yellow car and there is not one or it has writing on it, you lose a point. You may also choose to set a time limit for them game. The most points in 30 minutes wins.
5) Would You Rather?: This game can be fun. People take turns asking random questions to the other people in the car of which they would rather. For example: Would you rather suffocate in mayonnaise or drown in pickle juice? If you have trouble making up the questions for this game, of corse, there is an app for that.

Best 5 Christmas Road Trip Movies
1) Elf: because Will Ferrel is hilarious
2) The Polar Express: to satisfy the Kiddos
3) White Christmas: because it's a classic
4) While You Were Sleeping: I just really like this one
5) The Santa Claus: an all around favorite

Hopefully this comes in handy for some of you this Christmas when you are about 2 seconds from exploding due to too much family closeness ;)
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  1. Perfect timing on this post.. we're heading out tomorrow for Mississippi! I love your ideas! :)
    Merry Christmas!


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