December 1, 2013

The Perfect Birthday Present

I've been searching online recently for a new Bible. For school I have to have a NIV Bible, one of which I don't have. Then the other night sitting at my parents house on the couch I suddenly remembered a Bible that my Maw maw and Paw paw gave to me years ago. Last night, my birthday, I pulled the Bible out to make sure it was a NIV and sure enough it was. Then I opened it up and saw my Maw maw's handwriting and tears just started streaming down my face.
I was always close with my Maw maw considering we never even lived in the same state or even a neighboring one. My Maw maw had poor health later in her life and was no longer able to live alone so she would often spend months at a time with us at our house. We would play cards and peruse the grocery store like it was the shopping mall {:for some odd reason she use to think it was fun to go down every aisle and pick up everything and just look, frustrating at the time when grocery trips took hours but makes me smile and giggle now thinking of the memories:} 

My Maw maw passed away while I was still in high school so you can understand why I cried when I saw that page. It was like God planned this out so perfectly. Here I am almost 17 years after that Bible was given to me and getting ready to take it with me half way across the world on the journey of a lifetime. I think god knew all this way back then and had me pull it back out right at this specific time as if to say shes proud of me and on the journey with me. I think that May be the most perfect birthday gift I've ever been given....17 years later. Thanks God & Maw maw.
This was Maw maw with all her grandkids; it's my favorite picture of us all.

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  1. That is so special! God seriously works in some amazing ways! I am sure you will find all sorts of treasures inside :)


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