January 9, 2014

Gotta Get That Dirt Off Your…Feet

I don't know what's wrong with me. I can't get off these rap songs as post titles. We will all hope this phase ends quickly and painlessly. I just couldn't resist though; it goes to perfectly. Plus, everyone loves a little Jay Z every now and then right?

So anyways. I was at a dinner the other night and my pastor was speaking on hardships and the "dirt" we get on our feet as we walk through life. And, well, I was inspired and now you get a post on it.

In biblical times it was customary to wash others feet as a symbol of honor. They lived in a time where they often wore Jesus cruisers sandals and traveled great distances on foot. As they walked they obviously collected mud, dust, clay, pebbles on their feet. When others welcomed them into their home, it was customary for a servant, or even the host to wash the feet of his/her guest. This wasn't you typical "you're feet are nas-ta and you ain't comin in my house with that on your feet" episode. It was more of a gesture that stated "you have been through so much, but now that your my guest, I want to honor you and refresh you while you're in my home."

I believe this to be symbolic of our lives. Though we don't wear Jesus cruisers anymore {:or shouldn't:}, life can be messy. We often walk around with the "dust" from life on our feet, but as times have changed we forget that we need to wash our feet, and just as importantly if not more, wash others feet.

Don't take the dust of yesterday into your tomorrow. Washing your own feet is a choice. You can choose to be mad and walk around with dirty feet or you can choose to wash the dirt and start off everyday dust free.

Sometimes though people aren't in a place emotionally where they even have the energy or know how to wash their own feet to get all the dirt and grim off. Sometimes they need someone else to get down on their knees and wash their feet for them. They need people around them who care enough about them to brush the dirt off their feet when they simply can't. We can be those people….if we chose to be.

Then there are other times when only Jesus can kneel down and clean the mud off your feet that has been so deeply caked on there. The best thing is He will and He has {:John 13:}.  Jesus was sent to be our Savior but the most beautiful thing about him is that he considered himself a servant. A servant who came to the wash the feet of his people so we could then take those same feet and bring the good news to others.

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  1. LOVE this! I needed to read these words this morning-thank you for sharing!

  2. Amazing post!!!! And I defy needed these words this week. So thanks for reminding me to "dust my feet." ;))))

  3. Beautiful post! God is good in speaking through others and He has definitely used you. What a great message to take to heart as we begin a new year.

  4. I love reading your posts like this, they always seem so specific to what I am going through and I needed this one so bad today. Thank you for sharing your heart always!


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