January 31, 2014

How to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions in 2014

Each New Year people make New Year's resolutions to lose weight; save more, spend less; fall in love; enjoy life. You name it and it is probably someones goals. Sound familiar? 

It's healthy to have goals. It's healthy to look back on the past year and want 2014 to be your best year yet. 

The sad part is that statistics say out of the millions of people that made New Year's Resolutions and goals this year, a mere 8% will keep them. AND 25% of people will abandon them after only the first week! Why is that? 

I think it has a large part to do with the fact that we set the goals, yet fail to plan how we will achieve them. 

So here a 3 easy ways to make sure your New Year's goals don't leave you as a statistic.

Write down your goals.

Writing down your goals forces you to make the goal more specific. Instead of writing "be healthier" it allows you to write HOW you want to be healthier. When you write down your goals, place or hang them in a place where they are a constant reminder for you. I use to use Post-its in my bathroom until...

I made a "vision board" for 2014. You can see it in the picture above. It is the red piece of paper with magazine cut outs on my bulletin board. I put pictures on there that are a constant reminders of my goals this year. {:Moving to Australia; becoming healthier; blogging better; etc:}This is a fun and creative way to display your goals in a place where you will constantly see them.  We did this at a New Year's party. We had so much fun and flipped through magazines for literally hours. {:Even if you make a vision board, I still recommend writing your goals down somewhere as well. That way you can make them more specific. The vision board then serves as a constant reminder:}

Set smaller goals to achieve your larger goals.

Like I said above, people set these goals, but then fail to plan how to reach them. If your goal is to save more and spend less this year, your smaller goal for the month of January may be to create a budget. {:If this is a goal I highly recommend you Google the name Dave Ramsey:}

One of my goals is to sell my home this year. My smaller goals in achieving this was to find a realtor I trusted and would like to work with. Check. I have completed that smaller goal so I set another small goal to help achieve the larger goal-never turn down a showing unless absolutely necessary.

Once the smaller goal is met or has started to weave its way into your daily routine, set another.

Make SMART goals.

SMART goals is a term we use at school.

By making your goals, SMART goals you are setting yourself up for success rather than failure. Often peoples goals are far to broad and lack any way of knowing you have reached the goal. If the goal is to lose weight in 2014 and you lose 5 lbs in the year, did you accomplish your goal? I mean you did lose 5 lbs, but I bet thats not what you were thinking.

If your goals have already gone to the weigh side it's not too late to start again. This time do it with intention and set yourself to succeed. Happy goals setting! :)

{:Ps: If you're a blogger and are setting some goals there is a great new link-up starting Monday called "Bloggers Keeping Bloggers Accountable." What a great idea. Visit my gal pal Ashley's blog for all the info. I can't wait to join. This girl needs some accountability for sure.:}

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  1. Love these tips!! They are definitely necessary for achieving your goals!

  2. I love this post! Especially the part about setting smaller goals. I like have a general overall goal, but SMART each month (like "I'm going to workout 3+x each week this month"). It's so much more attainable. Your vision board looks amazing!


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