January 3, 2014

Making 2014 Scandalous


Everyone secretly, or not so secretly loves a good scandal. {:This intrigue seems to heighten if you live in a small town:} A good scandal is what gets everyone buzzing over the phone or over coffee with conversations that start something like: "you will never guess what I heard...", "did you hear about...", "can you believe...". Just watch one episode of the show Scandal and you too will know that you are not immune to loving {:at least a litte:} a good scandal.
Scandals garner some serious buzz and that's exactly what I want my year to be filled with-SCANDAL. But, before you go and get your judgmental panties in a bunch, I want a scandal not on the world's terms but rather in reverse.
I want 2014 to be filled with the:
If you read my "Thoughts on 2014" post then you know one of my goals is to love more and talk less. It's a good idea in thought, but far too often we, myself included, choose to talk about people and their current situations rather than love the people in them. It's scandalous because we all say we want to do this but rarely do. Talking is always easier than loving.
This might be my favorite one because this is one the one Jesus constantly modeled through his actions. He ate with prostitutes, thieves, the worst of the worst. Why? Because he saw their future beyond where they currently were. He saw them through the eyes of the cross that He would soon bear. What would happen if we started doing the same? What if we looked at people in our world that other people have written off as a waste or too far gone and showed them grace by seeing past the now and seeing into the future God has for them and that Jesus died for? Grace is scandalous because the world doesn't teach it. The world says keep yourself safe and far from these people. You're not like them. You're better than them. Grace says God died on the same cross for my sin and theirs. Grace says I can't leave them behind because I know how good the other side is, and I know a God who is waiting for them.
Yea, I went there. The big F word. It even taste bitter rolling off our tongue. We all have these secret ideas of when it's "okay" to not forgive. When someone steals something from you, when someone harms someone or something you love, when someone breaks "girl or guy code", when that you know what ticks you off at work. We all have these certain things in our mind where we believe it permissible not to forgive. That's why when people forgive these kinds of things it's scandalous! I am praying nothing to this extreme happens but lets forgive more than what is expected. After all, "unforgivness is like drinking a poison and expecting someone else to die."
 Me, me, me. We live in a world of I want it and I want it now because I am out for number one. But that's never the way we created to live. We are to look to the interest of others first. {:Philippians 2:4:} When we are selfless it feels amazing. We have all done something for someone else that we can look back on and remember how good it felt. That's because it's what we were created for.
There is a woman in our town who sold everything she had to become homeless. We have sex trafficking that goes on in our city and she has devoted her life to meeting these girls on the streets. Her vision goes beyond just meeting these girls, but to create a ranch of sorts where they will go and learn what it feels like to do more than just get by, to have the nice things in life. To be loved and respected. THAT is scandalous. It certainly has people talking in our town because many people think "why would she do it?" It's a scandal of selflessness.
So what would happen if a company of men and women decided to change just four things in their lives this year and made a scandal?



  1. I love the theme!!! I was very intrigued when I saw that but LOVE how you twisted it! I love grace and forgiveness the most!

  2. This post is AMAZING! Very well said my friend. I definitely can work on all three of these things!


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