January 7, 2014

Snow Day Babbelings

WARNING: You are about to read complete and utter randomness. Consider yourself warned.

Well it's not so much as a snow day as the fact that coldmageddon is here and it has me all...

No but seriously, look at this. It's insanity.

Making poor Gracie girl go out and go potty feels like animal abuse. But she sure does look cute in her parka. Don't you agree? Oh that face!

But, lucky for me I will not be setting foot outside today! I will be lounging all day in my oversized sweats and sweatshirt, makeup-less, while my hair resembles a rat's nest. I am totally okay with that! The upside of being a teacher. I will miss that when I move for sure. 

Speaking of moving I think I will try applying for my Visa again today since I'm off. I tried once but got flustrarted {:Yes, that's a word. Its a mixture of frustrated and flustered!:} This act will take the prayers of many to be successful, probably. Oh man the hoops you have to jump through and the documentation you have to have and input. Yikes! Please don't let me screw this up. 

I might even get really productive and work on my lesson plans for next week and clean the house some. That's a big MAYBE because that might require energy, and who has that on a day like this?

In other news, look who had her second birthday! How did that happen. I love my Sweet P to pieces! You can't tell me this does not just melt your heart? 

I also found where I'm going to get married. No, you didn't miss anything. I don't have a fiancé or even a boyfriend for that matter but who needs one of those to plan for the future! {:Oh don't act like you don't have a wedding board on your Pinterest page single girl!:} It's kind of amazing and this picture doesn't even come close to capturing it! One day.

Okay, I am done torturing you with my ADD post. Happy Tuesday; stay warm!

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  1. well it's about -20 here right now so I would take your 1 and run far far away with it. Also - I don't have a boyfriend but decided to pick out future names for my children today on my blog! haha here's to pretending!

  2. heheh that sweater is so cute! ugh why is it so cold everywhere?! its finally in the 30's here thank goodness! stay warm! :)


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