January 24, 2014

So I'm moving to Australia in 6 months-I have some thoughts on that

Wow, six months. Really? I feel like just yesterday it was ten. Well, that is just conformation that the next six months of my life will probably be the fastest I have ever experienced. *sigh* I have mixed emotions on that. I am beyond excited with a mix of healthy nerves and also very sad to be leaving so many amazing people on a different continent.

Dear Australian Visa Peeps: The Visa application should have been in Mandarin Chinese. It would have been just as easy to fill out. I mean thank you for having those little question marks I could click on beside every single thing I needed to fill out, but I actually needed a question mark for your question marks. Ahyiyi! You should also put a disclaimer that says *DO NOT EVEN GIVE YOURSELF A HEADACHE WITH THIS APPLICATION UNLESS YOU ARE LESS THAN 124 DAYS OUT FROM YOUR ARRIVAL DATE* Yes, that is right. After the painful process of trying to fill that sucker out I then learned I could not actually apply yet. Epic Fail!

To My Dear Sweet Home:  You have a very special place in my heart. Even though we will have to part soon, you will forever be my first home. Soon someone else will walk through your doors and love you just as much as I do. So put your best foot forward and let's make a bidding war happen okay? I would really, really, really like that!

Ms. Australian Weather: You are far too hot for this West Virginia girl. The thought of the temperature being 100 makes me sweat like OJ Simpson awaiting the verdict on his trial. BUT 120! You have got to be kidding me. Water bottles melting at a sporting event? Shew. Please don't do this to me when I am there. This girl will pass out faster than you can blink!

Rugby People of Australia: I really have no idea what you do in this sport, but I am told that it is a rough sport. That means you all are tough. Therefore, you need to quit this rugby stuff and create an Australian football league before I get there because I am really going to miss that sport.

So I don't leave this post on a negative tone-on, the positive side I will be enjoying some beautiful views over there.

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  1. Why are online forums so terrible at letting you know expectations before hand? They should let teachers take over the website and no one would have any question about what to expect. haha I bet it's going to take some getting use to but yay for your amazing adventure in a beautiful new place!

  2. Oh my! You are in for such an adventure! How incredible that you get to have this experience! I laughed so hard at the weather, Im from FL so that weather is what we get most of the time, But i do hear Australia is hotter, just stay hydrated!

  3. I can't believe that you are leaving in a 6 months.. That is soo exciting. I am happy for you.

  4. wow that's so exciting!! i'm sure nerve wracking as well!

  5. How exciting! As for your visa - well that's so annoying!

  6. I seriously can not wait to follow your journey over there!!! I will be praying for you, you are seroiusly an amazing woman for dropping your life here and following your calling, I look up to that so much. Only think happy thoughts about it!!

  7. How exciting! My hubby studied abroad in Australia and loved it!


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