February 3, 2014

Another day, another snow

Yes, my friends it is once again snowing here in the good ol' WV. I must admit that this teacher does not mind one bit! I'm all cuddled up in my snuggie {:don't judge me:} on the couch with Gracie girl looking like a hot mess and don't feel one ounce of guilt for it. Our county is already going the max amount of days into our summer for school so I say BRING IT ON!

This lovely day off of work also lets me link up with one of my FAV bloggers  and blogging gal pal Ashley. If you have read her blog, I know you're in love with her too! I mean, how could you not be?

Link Up

This linkup is perfect for setting smaller goals to make sure you are staying on track with your larger yearly goals {:exactly what I was talking about on Friday:} AND it comes with accountability. Hello perfect for me! So here it goes. My goals for February…
  • Keep God first in everything. I'm certainly a work in progress, but I love the journey God has me on.
  • Read my Bible daily.
  • Live in the moment. With all this excitement about moving to Australia it's so easy to miss the blessings and excitement in the here and now as I plan for the move across the pond.
  • Blog for meaning and purpose, not for the sake of needing to write a post because I haven't in days. 
  • Send love notes-aka snail mail.
  • Make time for girl time every single week! It won't be long before Skype and FaceTime dates will be the only time I get with them for months at a time. {:sniff, sniff oh this one makes me so sad:}
  • Be active in some way 3 to 4 times a week. This one is a STRG-GLE!
  • Cook at least 2 meals a week. Cooking for one is so challenging! But, since Phil Robertson says never marry a girl who can't cook I better get on it! I mean what he says is Bible right? Any suggestions on recipes for one?
  • Do something that makes me uncomfortable and pushes my comfort zone. 
  • Accept every offer for showing my home. {:It's obviously on the market due to the big move:}
  • Memorize at least 4 scriptures.
Ah, I have some work to do in February! What are your goals for the month?

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  1. I love your goals for the month! I haven't really set any specifically for the month - mine are more in two-three month arcs right now - but I really want to work on getting up earlier than necessary to spend time with God and work on rebuilding my savings.

  2. You set some great goals friend. So many good things are coming for you! I'll be sure to check in with you to see how these are going and you make sure I am reading my daily devotional so that we can keep our minds at ease, especially with the next few months at school. hehe Love that you linked up! Makes my heart happy. Have a great Tuesday!

  3. Love your goals! :) New follower from me :) Can't wait to get to know you better, pretty!


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