February 14, 2014

Happily Single on Valentine's Day

Nope, this isn't some sick joke. I really am excited for Valentine's Day and I'm single. And no I am not the women's lib, burn your bra, "who needs a man" kind of gal either. I have lonely moments just like everyone else I just decided tonight wasn't going to be one of them.

The mention and mere thought of Valentines Day normally makes me want to roll my eyes and throw up in my mouth a little. {:True Story:}. But a couple of weeks ago I wondered why I had to be lovely, miserable, and alone on Valentines Day. I mean I had the power to change that if I would just get over my single self and make plans. So I did.

I asked a couple other single ladies if they would want to go to dinner. {:And what do you know the other single girls happened to be free that night too:} So we are getting dressed up and heading out on the town tonight. I am willing to bet that our night will be even better than some of those other not so single girls night because we have no expectation. There will be no let down moment if he fails to come through. Instead there will be high heels, giggles, fabulous friends, and amazing food!

So this year I am planning to not be lonely on Valentines Day. Instead of enduring this day of romance I am going to LOVE it!

So go shoot a text or call all your single gal pals and make it the best worst holiday ever! I dare ya ;)

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