February 19, 2014

Jump, Jump, Jump{er} Around

Hey guess what day it is? {:insert camel voice:} HUMP DAY And this ^^^ is how I feel about that!

Shoo and I am glad; its tough working an entire week. We have only done that once since Christmas break. I know, I know you feel no pity but getting back in the routine is tough! But one thing that is pretty routine around here is fashion posts on Wednesday. So that is what we shall do.

I wore this outfit out on V-day. I love the jumper with the blazer for a dressier look because I didn't have to show my pasty white legs {:or shave them hehe:}. Score!

Jumper: TJ Maxx//Clutch: Nine West://Blazer: H&M
//Shoes: BCBG//Necklace: NY&Co.

 photo signature1copy_zpsad4ddfa4.jpg
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  1. You pull that jumper off so well friend. I am going to have to try one on now. I love the way you styled it, especially with the blazer. Love, love, love.

  2. Oh my goodness love the jumper!!! Never something I would think of attempting but now you have me wondering!

  3. This is a very cute outfit! You rocked it lady!


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