February 24, 2014

The Cost of Faith

Saturday morning I sat down with my Bible and my notebook and I just started going back through my notes from my quiet time this past year. I don't do this enough because it is so good to see what God whispered to me in these quiet moments with Him. As I went through I found something I wanted to share with you lovies as a bit of encouragement on this Monday morning.
I love to shop. If you've read this here blog you are thinking DUH. Have you ever seen something in the store that you just "had to have" only to turn over the price tag and realize that you really don''t need it after all. Yea me too.
At church lately we have been in this series centering around faith and the importance of it in our lives. Needless to say we are all hungry for a little more of it. As I was going through old notes Saturday God got me thinking. We all  just "have to have" faith. We desire it. We see it as a quality we should have in our lives, but when we turn over the price tag on it are we willing to pay it?
Truth is, we are made faithful in the waiting
HOW RUDE {:insert voice of Stephanie Tanner:}! TIME should be another one of those 4 letter dirty words. A word that I should have to type in here like this: t***. Yeesh God! Doesn't he know how much I hate waiting?

 I once heard someone say "We are people with a microwave mentality serving a crockpot God." How true is that. We want it and we want it now!
I was reading in Exodus a little while ago and read these words…

“God listened to their groaning’s… God saw what was going on with Israel. God understood.
{:Exodus 2: 24&25:}

“I’ve taken a good look at the affliction of my people in Egypt. I’ve heard their cries for deliverance from their slave masters; I know all about their pain.”
{:Exodus 3:7:}

I actually have these verses highlighted in my Bible as a source of hope that my God always sees me and hears my cries. But, I started thinking about these verses a bit differently. The Israelites who made these cries to God were slaves in Egypt and were caught under great oppression. I am sure they thought "Great God, so glad you hear our cries and see our pain. How about instead of just listening you actually DO something." Truth is, in Exodus after God says he hears their cries and saw their pain the Israelites situation got far worse. I am sure at this point the fact that he "heard" their cries mattered little to them.
If I am being honest I love knowing that God hears me, but I like it a whole lot more when I see him respond with action to those cries and please for help. I mean yesterday would have been better, but the next 30 seconds will work too. 

However, a very wise man once told me,

the entrance to victory seldom looks like your winning.

Here is the thing. The Israelites couldn't see that God was working in the things they couldn't see. All they could see was their circumstance and how it seemed to get worse. What they could't see was God calling and preparing a leader, Moses, to deliver them from this persecution. Not only was God answering their cries to be freed from this slavery, but he was going above and beyond and giving them a Promise. The promise of a land flowing with milk and honey. 

If a promise is taking longer than you anticipated, God must preparing 
something better than what you asked for.
Just because you can't see God working in your situation don't think that He isn't working in the unseen. Maybe just maybe he is working, and while he's working he is making you faithful in the waiting.
Faith will cost you something. Are you willing to pay the price on the tag?
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  1. Needed this and very very thought provoking. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love this post! Last week our pastor spoke about something similar... taking things casually vs seriously. In NC, we take college basketball VERY seriously (he actually used this example)... shouldn't we take our faith just as ~if not more~ seriously? Thanks for writing this!


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