March 17, 2014

A Bowl of Beans

We live in a society where instant gratification rules. Don't want to cook? No problem. Just drive up to the window of any number of fast food restaurants and they have it for you in under 5 minutes. Want to sign up for a gym membership without even going to the gym? {:Never a good sign:} You can just do that online. You missed what happened on your favorite show because you were reading a text? No big. We can just rewind live tv.

I mean it is kind of ridiculous. I take pictures of the kids in my class and their automatic reaction is to ask if they can see. When I was little you waited forever to see pictures! Christmas and Easter were all on the same roll. And there was no redo if your eyes were closed or you looked like the hot mess express.

Now I am not saying all of this is bad or that I don't appreciate the times we live in. The digital camera has saved many a embarrassing times! But, I think the mentality it instills in us can often become our enemy.

Take a look at these brothers in the Bible, Esau and Jacob. These two had it out for each other literally since birth. One day Esau came in from the fields and Jacob had made a bowl of lentil soup. Esau asked for some but Jacob said he would only give it to him if he would give up his inheritance to him. Now in these days the first born, which was Esau, got everything. Esau was so consumed with what he needed in the moment, food, that he gave up everything. He sacrificed his destiny for a bowl of beans. {:Genesis 25:}

Fulfilling your immediate desires can sometimes exclude you from fulfilling your purpose. Esau was blinded by what he wanted in the moment and therefore gave up his destiny for a bowl of beans. Don't get so consumed with the here and now {:the things you want, the plans you have:} that you allow them to sidetrack you from, or worse, forfeit, everything God has in store for you.

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  1. So true. I love this post. You truly touch my heart with your writing!


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