March 24, 2014

Forgetting to Live

Okay it is time for a little truth my friends, I have been having MAJOR writers block lately! Does that happen to any of my blogging friends? {:If it does PLEASE comment with how you overcome it because I am in desperate need of some inspiration:}But maybe thats not it maybe I have been too busy just living life; and I am okay with that.

If I am being honest when I started my blog a few years ago it absolutely consumed me. Every time I hung out with friends, or cooked a meal, or did something out of the ordinary I spent 3/4 of my time trying to figure out how I could make this event the subject of my next blog post.

I got so consumed with blogging about my life that I forgot to live it. 

While I was planning my next blog post in my head I was forgetting to breathe in and really live in the moment I was in. I would miss bits and pieces of conversations at girls night because I was sifting though my friends words to see if there was any sort of phrase that could turn into a post. Or I was too busy thinking of how to stage my next picture that I limited the fullness of the time I had with the people around me.

Now please don't get me wrong, this blog has turned into something far more than I ever thought it would be. For me blogging is more than just a hobby; it's a passion. I started this blog simply because I like to write and to my shock people actually seem to enjoy what I have to say. But I had to realize that the very thing {:blogging:} that had the potential to enlarge my life by allowing me to share the things I hold closest to me also could minimize my life it if I allowed it. I learned that sometimes its okay to have an amazing weekend and not have a single picture to show for it because you were too consumed in just being present. I've learned that it's okay to not post a specified 3 to 4 times a week because Monday you spent time with your family and Tuesday you had a girls night and Wednesday you had small groups and Thursday you just needed to breathe for a second.

A life lived is much more valuable than a life blogged. 
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  1. Bottom line is, it's ok to enjoy life. Enjoy the moments to you would have missed if all you thought about was blogging. Enjoy those special moments with the special people in your life. I don't find things to write about sometimes so I don't write. I take that time to focus on the present, on me, on my loved ones. I find myself writing about my life a lot because I want to remember the beautiful memories I spent time making with special people. Hang in there and just enjoy life.

  2. Hey doll! When I have block, I leave my blog alone. (I'm dealing with it now....) It's ok to not blog for a while and live life. Hugs!

  3. Absolutely true. Couldn't agree more!


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