March 19, 2014

That ONE day it felt like spring

Tunic: TJ Maxx//Wedges: Target//Jewelry: Premier//Purse: Steve Madden

So spring is suppose to start like tomorrow and this morning we had freezing rain. Does anyone else see a problemo with this? This kid is r-e-a-d-y for spring. We had like ONE day that felt like spring and it gave me spring fever for shiz {:oh wait, did I just say "for shiz"???? oh well, it's Wednesday:} I even decided I was putting up spring decorations. My poor outdoor spring wreath has never had snow on it before. Ahhh…I will just sit and gaze out my freezing cold window and dream of a spring drawing near….maybe.

Oh and a note that has absolutely nothing to do with anything except that it is Wednesday and I am random. Dear girl at the gym with her hair perfectly straightened, make-up all in place, and ginormous hoop earrings in her ears, we can all tell you are at the gym for one thing-and it aint to sweat. Love amused gym member who is there to actually workout.
 photo signature1copy_zpsad4ddfa4.jpg


  1. I love the statement necklace!

  2. Yes we had one sweet day too haha i cant wait till its a regular thing again! you look gorgeous in your outfit!

  3. Gorgeous outfit!

    Me And My Mini Me

  4. I love your tunic top! It is too adorable..

  5. So cute! And I am SOOO ready for spring, too!


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