March 31, 2014

You Left Me at the Alter

As, Christians I would be willing to bet most of us remember the day we said that prayer where we asked God into our heart. You may have said that prayer on your knees at an alter with many eyes on you or you may have said the prayer quietly in your seat without anyone else knowing. You may have been 5 or you may have been 75. Regardless, of the how, when, or where it happened, salvation happened. That day you became a Christian. That day you made a vow to God to seek Him first and with everything in you, and something tells me that you meant it. 

Then, months, years down the road we find ourselves way off course. Our life isn't what it was suppose to be and we are certain that the life we are living isn't what God had in mind when we vowed our lives to Him and he vowed to never forsake us. We know we aren't where we are suppose to be, but we have no idea how we got here.

Think about using a compass. If you are wanting to go true north, and somehow you end up only walking one degree east of north, 5 miles on the course you will be very far away from where you meant to be.

Becoming lost starts with a single step in the wrong direction.

I think about this and then I think about God. We have left and abandon him. He is still on the course yet we are miles and miles away from him. 

What about the vow we made to him at that alter promising to seek Him first? What about the life we told him that would be devoted to him? What about the trust we promised to put in him? 

The good news is, He's still at the alter and is always willing to begin again.

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  1. Amen! Thank you for sharing this beautiful post!
    Your posts always seem to be timely for me.


Thanks for your comment. I absolutely LOVE reading them and they bring honest joy to my day, so thanks!

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