March 13, 2014

You Might Be Maturing If...

Some people would call this post "you might be getting older if" but that doesn't apply to me because I simply just had my 21st birthday {:for the 7th time:}. And obviously people who wear these stunna shades up ^ here and blow bubbles CANNOT be getting old! Oh and a disclaimer: I only hear that maturing people do these things. I most certainly don't actually do them. {:le duh:}

You might be maturing if…

…you think 5:30 is a totally acceptable time to be in your pajamas on a Friday night. {:Hey, you're a working woman these days.:}

…you have a stash of TY Beanie Babies in a closet somewhere waiting to earn you the thousands they were suppose to be worth.

… a trip to the grocery store counts as "going out."

… trip to the grocery store with a girlfriend counts as a girls day and you're not even mad about it.

…you need a nap before you go out if you are planning on leaving after 7:30 pm.

…you have to google what hashtags like WCW, MCM, or OOTD mean.

…10:30 is considered staying up late.

…you get excited over new appliances {:refrigerator, vacuum, Bullet:}

conversations with your friends change from weekend shenanigans to the newest recipe you loved.

…the idea of staying out until 2am on a weeknight is the equivalent of having your toenails pulled off with tweezers.

…you open your mouth and you hear your mother slip out.

… if your "perfect day" includes sleeping in and watching Netflix wrapped in your snuggie.

Okay your turn…comment with your "You might be maturing if" moment.
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  1. Woah dang! I'm definitely maturing! I can identify with 6 out of the 12! What is OOTD?? haha Great post; loved it! :)

  2. hahaha i love this! Still no clue what OOTD is!

    You might be maturing if you can no longer name any show on the disney channel :(

    Or the shows you do name your high school students have never heard of

  3. You totally got me on the trip to the grocery store counting as a weekend activity! My most recent "I'm maturing moment" happened when I realized kids born in 2000 are 14 years old this year and have no idea who The Backstreet Boys are.


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