April 7, 2014

Spring is Coming

The West Virginia weather is finally giving me some hope that spring actually might be coming. The calendar said it was here almost a month ago, but the weather has hardly followed the rules.  We did have a white covering on the ground this morning but thankfully it was just frost. This week shows rainy and low sixties. Dare I say spring is actually, finally here!?

Our lives are like that sometimes. Have you ever felt like you are stuck in a never ending "winter season?" A time when everything is dormant and dead and you are just dreaming of the day when you or your situation will begin to come to life again. You're dreaming of your spring. I have. A lot of times. 

God actually has the season as a reminder for us that everything changes. Our lives will reflect them over and over again. 

We have spring when life is in full bloom. Summer when the living is good and easy. Fall, when it is time to lay the ground work, put in the time to reap a harvest that won't be seen in this season. Then there is winter where everything is quiet, still. Everything is dead and you are just waiting for the evidence in your life of all the sewing and planting you did in fall. 

God wants you to know that whatever season of life you are in, Spring IS Coming! He isn't going to leave you in the winter season of faith forever and he isn't going to make you toil and plant forever without seeing a harvest. Spring is coming. So whatever season you are in, be all in. Your spring harvest will only be as good as your fall preparation. Your summer easy living will be made better when you learn how to be happy even in the winter. 

Spring s coming friend.

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  1. Spring is so great. It's really a time for reflection and preparation as life changes. I love it!


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