April 28, 2014

The Single Girl Diaries-What are we waiting for?

Have you ever asked your single self this very question? What are we waiting for? I mean we are waiting for Mr. Right, but is he actually going to live up to everything we've made him out to be? Or, are we just romanticizing it all? Can it really be that good? Are we setting our standards too high? I mean the clock isn't reversing itself. 

Sometimes the wait is hard, unless you are certain of what you are waiting for. By the way, we don't serve a God of lowered standards. If anything God probably thinks our standards for ourselves are far too low. Now, I am not encouraging you to think every day of married life will be sunshine and skittles. I don't know this because I've been married, obviously, but I did grow up in a house with parents who were and who were awesome role models.

I must say that I am literally spoiled {:well, perhaps I don't use that positive of a describing word for this situation all the time:} by how many awesome examples of strong, Godly relationships I am surrounded by. But, there is one in particular that really answers this question for me because she was the one I always looked up to for standing her ground and not lowering her standards of what she wanted in a Godly husband. That meant that while I was out having a grand ol' time dating all of my Mr. Wrongs she was often lonely at home, crying and wondering "what was she waiting for?" What was God waiting for?  Well, if I could go back I would gladly have traded all my fun nights out with her nights of loneliness. {:Please don't misunderstand this. I know where God has me is for a purpose and a plan. I am just making a statement:}

You may have seen my Savannah recap last week. I went down to visit my friend Linds and her husband Chris.  Linds was this friend. Like I said, I am surrounded by countless awesome married couples, but staying for a week with these two I got to see them together 24/7. I got to see them actually do normal life together. And I realized that what they had, was exactly what I am waiting for. 

It was in the way they interacted with each other. It was in the way one of them would offend the other and immediately their entire attention turned to making this right. It was the way they complimented each other. It was the way they encouraged and supported each other. It was the way the lived out everyday normal life-infatuated with each other.

I know that everyday she gets to spend with Chris she must be so thankful she didn't take the countless offers of dates from guys who were good guys, but she knew weren't right for her.  She didn't go out with guys because they made her feel good about herself. She stood her ground and is overwhelmed by what God gave her in Chris.

Waiting is hard, but it's a lot harder if you don't know what your waiting for. One day you'll say "he was worth every lonely night, and every tear." If you can't wait for yourself, then do it for him.

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  1. Such a great post and story! I can't wait to check it out later in my free time :) Hope all is well!


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