May 23, 2014

If I could Write a Letter to Me

Do you ever look back on your life and wish you had handled things in a different light or enjoyed a season a little more than you had. People always say they don't have any regrets and wouldn't change anything about their past because it made them who they are today and they learned lessons they otherwise wouldn't have. I don't buy it. We all have regrets. Situations we wish we had handled differently so someone else, or ourselves, didn't have to get hurt. Moments in our lives when we wish we had taken the other path.

With so many people graduating over these next few weekends, it got me thinking. What would I tell my 17 year old self? Fresh out of high school and ready to take on adulthood {:at least I thought so at the time:}.

Dear 17 year old self,

You have just finished the first of many milestones in your adult life, graduating high school. Congratulations! Over the past year you have been bombarded with the question :what are you going to do next year? Even though you are sick of hearing that question you may want to get use to it. You are entering into a season where there always seems to be some kind of annoying question. Next, it will be: Have you found a job yet? Then, when are you getting married? And one day, when are you two having kids? Smile and be gracious to them anyway.

Stop chasing the boy! Any boy you are chasing, isn't chasing you and that means he's not worthy of you. Move on. College doesn't need to be about finding your husband if you haven't truly found yourself yet {:and you my dear, have not:}

Slow down. Stop being in such a hurry to be all grown up. College is your transition period. Live in the moment, but don't get so caught up in a moment you can't see the beauty of it.

This transition is exciting for you, but it's tough on your parents. Yes, they are immensely proud of you, but letting their baby girl go is scary. They are hoping they instilled the morals and values in you that you need to not only be successful in school, but in life. Call home more than necessary, not because you need something but because they need to hear your voice.

No employer will ever ask why you got a C on that Biology final. Let it go. We all fail, but people who strive to be perfect fall harder when they do. Life isn't perfect and neither are you, so that means you are a perfect match.

Dive into a relationship with God for yourself. It will save you from a lot of bad choices you could potentially make and have to deal with down the road. Sorry, but what happens in college, doesn't stay in college.

Stop stressing over your career path. God can do anything, you know. Even pluck you out of your dream job to pursue his dream job for you.

Finally, stop wondering what you are here for. We all have the same purpose as we walk this earth. Yes, we are all given different gifts and talents but they are merely vehicles in our purpose to glorify God and bring others into relationship with Him. If you make every choice with that at the fore front of your mind, your life will turn out better than you ever could have dreamed {:trust me:}.

                                                                                                                           You 10 years later
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  1. Absolutely loved this! I found myself nodding in agreement to do many things!


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