May 16, 2014

My Little Cousin Got Married

In the last 14 months 3 of my cousins have tied the knot. Our family is growing y'all! Last weekend I went down with my mom to celebrate another cousins wedding. Can I just tell you, when I walked in the room to pray with her before the ceremony, she almost made me cry she was so stunning! Classic elegance and beauty! I am OB-SESSED with her dress!

We got there on Friday just in time for the rehearsal dinner. It was actually at the Mardi Gras Museum which was so interesting. They are serious about Mardi Gras down there. The kids are out of school for like a week!!!! Apparently at Mardi Gras they have a king and queen and if they are selected as king and queen they have these elaborate capes and outfits made. It is insane. I cannot imagine what it cost to make stuff like this. Clearly this is only for the Vanderpumps of Mobile.

But it was fun getting in the Mardi Gras spirit at the rehearsal dinner.
With the bride-to-be

With my other cousins and our Mardi Gras flair

Then it was wedding day. The church was beautiful, the bride was breathtaking, and the rain held out for the awesome street party reception!
The bride and her parents and sister.

I love this picture. It is most of our side of the family.

Loved the street party idea for a reception. It was the first wedding I have been to with a live band. I am always skeptical of live bands because you usually get one genre of music, but not this band. They did a smashup of Shout and Turn Down for What. They were fantabulous!

Sunday was another bittersweet moment as I celebrated the last Mother's Day with my Mama for a couple of years.

BUT MONDAY!!! I got to soak up some rays at the beach before heading back to the WV. 
This is totally my happy place. Oh, and good news. My legs are now longer translucent!!! 

Happy Friday y'all!

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  1. Her wedding dress is gorgeous.

    --Me And My Mini Me

  2. Your cousin is stunning! I love that they held the rehearsal dinner at the Mardi Gras museum, amazing!


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