June 4, 2014

Empty Vessels

Empty is a sight I am becoming very familiar with. Everywhere I go there are BOXES. In my car, in my house, at work, at church. They're everywhere. And when you see boxes, they are usually accompanied by an empty space or room. As I box up my things around the house, things are looking pretty empty. Looking around at my house and seeing things disappear is tough. Opening a door and seeing emptiness behind it is almost disheartening. But, the other day Jesus reminded me of the story of the woman with the empty vessels. In this story {:1 Kings 4:} a widowed woman comes to Elisha in a panic that the tax man is coming for money and with the recent death of her husband she has none, except a small jar of oil. Elsiha told her to go and collect empty vessels, as many as she could find, from her neighbors. He told her to take them into her home and pour the oil into the vessels. That small jar of oil filled every vessel she had. When she had nothing more to pour the oil into, the oil stopped flowing.

How often have we all experienced emptiness. My emptiness is the kind I can see, a home that's being moved, but often time our emptiness isn't something we can physically see. It's in us. You're emptiness may be from a move. You once lived in a place with a great number of friends and now you're sit down in a new place with no one. Your emptiness could be from the loneliness that can come from being single. Maybe your emptiness is from the lack of fulfillment from a job. I don't know what your specific emptiness may be, but you can fill in the blank with yours here. 

Know that whatever is empty in your life causes you to be ready for God's blessing to pour in. Elisha told the woman to go and get empty vessels, because they had the capacity to hold more of the blessing that was about to flow into her home. Full vessels can't hold any more, half-full vessels can only hold some, but empty vessels are the ones that are ready for the full blessing of God. So the next time you sense emptiness in your life, strengthen yourself with the knowledge empty vessels are the vessels that are most prepared to receive the miracle. Maybe our emptiness isn't something to sadden us at all, but rather strengthen us with the anticipation of what He is about to do with it.
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  1. Beautiful!
    I hope you are looking forward to your new adventure.


Thanks for your comment. I absolutely LOVE reading them and they bring honest joy to my day, so thanks!

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