June 27, 2014

Sour Grapes & Bitter Apples

Something about summer time and laying by the pool makes me want fruit constantly. There is nothing like reaching for a piece of juicy fruit and biting into it with such expectancy only for it to be bitter, or unripe. What a let down. 

I got to thinking yesterday {:as I was laying pool side:}, I wonder if God ever feel's that way about us? Let me explain.

I was reading a book yesterday and it was talking about Adam and Eve, a story that many have heard whether you were told Bible stories when you were young or not. Adam and Eve were put in Utopia, aka the Garden of Eden. Everything was perfect...literally. Their only directive from God was to not eat the fruit from the tree of good and evil. Well, we all know how the story ends....naked and afraid. 

Adam and Eve had fruit that was available to them, yet they were only reaching for what wasn't theres to have. So we go from Utopia in Genesis 2, to one brother killing the other only two chapters later. 

In one generation we go from perfect, to something terribly wrong.

 It all began by reaching for fruit that wasn't there.

Now poor Eve has probably been spit on by half of the women when they get to heaven because of the torture she has put us other women through for her mistakes. But, now let's wait a minute. When I thought about this piece of scripture yesterday I am not so sure that we are all that different from Eve.

We all have gifts, fruits if you will, that God has given us. This could be your ability to sing, teach, serve, lead, disciple, sweep, sew, cook, encourage. The list goes on and on. We have these fruits God has placed in our lives that we are to cultivate and perfect, but rather than cultivating our own fruit we reach for the fruit that isn't our to have. Then the very thing that happened in Genesis begins to happen in our own world....it starts to fall apart. 

Just like the fruit on the tree of good and evil, the fruit in other peoples lives, their gifts, sometimes look more attractive than the fruit God has placed in our own lives. So just like the serpent tempts Eve, we are tempted to see how good the other fruit really may be. So we reach for the fruit from the tree that isn't ours and then it leads to competition like it did for Cain and Able. {:Cain killed his brother Able because God preferred Able's sacrifice over Cain's because Able gave God his best while Cain gave God his leftovers:}. There becomes division instead of unity, jealousy instead of encouragement, and selfishness instead of selflessness. 

But when we eat the fruit from our own tree and work to make sure that the fruit our tree is producing is the best it can be, the entire garden flourishes. Instead of reaching for fruit that may look more attractive, lets make our own fruit equally attractive. 

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