June 25, 2014

The Single Girl Diaries-2.0 Dating

Sometimes I wish I lived back in the 50s before all the modern conveniences. I am convinced dating was a lot easier back then. Guys actually asked girls out on dates rather than to "hang out." They called if they wanted to talk to the girl and we weren't left analyzing a text message for hours. And, there was no such thing as "friends with benefits." *Sigh* They just don't know how good they had it!

This got me thinking. Yes, times have changed but why does the way we date have to? I personally have decided that I have met my quota of "hang outs" for ummmmm.......eternity. And my wrist are getting carpel tunnel from all these late night texting conversations. So, this girl is no longer accepting hang out invitations or the easy outs of texting all night. 

I am convinced that guys will only rise to the standard you set for them {:most guys, some are super human and do it all on their own.....marry them......now yesterday:}. Guys are asking girls to hang out instead of go on dates because it is a lot less of ego blow if we say no to hanging out rather than a date. And it's vague enough that he really has to make no effort embarrassing himself when he asks you to hang out and watch the world cup and the local bar and grill.  AND WE LET THEM. Meanwhile hanging out leaves us girls in a cloud of bewilderment trying figure out what the heck this hanging out stuff really means. 

If a guy really likes you, and is interested in something above your belt, he will man up and ask you on a date...if he knows, with you, the other options are out. Going on a date gives you clarity and a leg up knowing that he is at least into you enough that he didn't take the easy way out.

Then there are the guys that would rather strap on a 50lb weight and sink to the bottom of the Amazon than pick up the phone and call rather than texting until it is so late in the night that you drop the phone on your face because you  are falling asleep. I am not against texting. Not in the least. Actually, I am not much of a phone talker, but when it comes to building a relationship you need to be able to hear their words rather than read them. We all know that we have read a text one way while they meant it another and got ourselves in some hot water. The phone is just more personal and is yet another way for him to show you he isn't going to take the easy way out.

So maybe I don't want to go back to the 50s. I really do like typing on my Mac while having my iPad charging next to me and my phone in my back pocket. Convenience is nice, but there is a place for it and dating is not it.

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  1. A to the MEN. Speaking of men.............haha no but really. I always say that I would rather live "back when," iand it's for this reason alone!

  2. Enjoy being single. not all men out there are bad ones.

  3. I told my now husband on our first date that if he wanted to date me he had to ask b/c I was sick of all that assumption stuff. lol..


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