July 13, 2014

So the adventure begins....

I'm here! I'm here! And I am so excited to have a moment to catch my breathe and get you all up to speed on this last week. It's been pretty incredible.
On every step of this journey God just continues to blow me kisses and I am so thankful to be on this roller coaster with him as my riding buddy!
So...I left DC Tuesday afternoon and the goodbyes see you laters were tough. A few of my family members were up from Alabama to see me off so that meant the world to me, but saying bye to mom and dad was the hardest. Shockingly, I think we all did pretty well at the airport {:and by pretty well, I mean no one needed a ventilator from crying so hard:}. I waved goodbye to my parents for the last time, with tears rolling down my face as I stepped on the escalator to go down through security. As soon as they were out of sight the first words I whispered to God was "okay God, now it's just you and me." It was all starting to sink in, in line for security. I don't think it was that hot but the thought of what I was about to do added with the normal stress of the awful security line at the airport I was sweating like crazy. To the point I am pretty sure people around me were wounding "what in the world is wrong with this chick?"

Anyway, my flight was delayed because of a late incoming flight by about an hour. We finally loaded the plane and then we were groused for about 2 hours because of a bad storm rolling through the east coast. I was suppose to have a 2 hour layover in LA, but as we landed in LA I ran the two gates to my next flight, only to watch them close the door on about 20 of us needing that connecting flight to Sydney. That's when the fun began. Next, I waited in the customer service line with the happiest of people {:NOT:} for about an hour and a half before they let me know that I wasn't going to be flying out until tomorrow. I wasn't about to try and be all brave and tough it in the airport all night so I caught a shuttle to a nearby hotel. I spent the next morning, unexpectedly in Las Angeles until I caught my flight out.

The 15 hour flight from California to Sydney is PAINFUL! But, hello favor, I got upgraded in the missing flight debacle and was given quite a bit more leg room. But, staring at this for 15 hours, even with more leg room, is no fun. I took a sleeping pill and did my best to sleep the flight away.
When I landed, after going through customs, a driver picked me up and took me to the church. From there it was a full day of opening an Aussie bank accout, getting my phone set up, finding my house, grocery shopping, shopping for linens-all of the tiny things it takes to get established. By that night I was out by 8pm. I had been up since 4am and just couldn't take it anymore. 
{:My home away from home:}
Then, Saturday the school arranged for us to head into the city. It was a blast. I met so many people and we were all unashamedly total tourist oohing and awing {:and taking too many selfies of corse:} as we walked through Sydney Harbor. From Sydney Harbor we took a ferry to Manly Beach. This place is absolutely beautiful! In some pictures I feel like you can't make it look real. There is no phot editing needed when your here. I have talked typed enough....Now lets let the pictures do the talking.

 photo signature1copy_zpsad4ddfa4.jpg


  1. Glad you made it safely! I can't remember if you said, are you going to be teaching there?

  2. Have fun!! I love your house. It's so cute!!! Can't wait to see more pictures!!

  3. I am so so so happy for you friend. Keep the pictures coming. YAY for meeting new friends and getting settled. I am proud of you and know you are going to do amazing things.

  4. This is so exciting! So glad you made it there safely :)

  5. Glad you made it safely... I am loving the photos of Sydney Harbor... I wanna go to Austrailia now ....


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