July 2, 2014

Surprises Surprise....My Going Away Party

Where does time go? I leave for the Land of Oz in just one short week. I am mostly packed {:I feel like I may be a packing goddess now and will probably do a post on how to maximize your luggage weight and space:} and the countdown is definitely on here.

This was after Morgan told me to step to late and I stubbed my toe....but it's totally allowed because these are the amazing girls that put the entire party together!
Sunday night some of my best girl friends planned me a girls night. They told me where and when to show up and that was it. When I got there I was blind folded and stuck in a car. They told me we were going to a few of my favorite places. On the way there as we talked, I tried to figure out where we were going, but after awhile the only thing I could think about was how sick I felt being blindfolded on these curvy and mountainous West Virginia roads. Thank goodness we were almost there! {:But they had me in a panic, as i had my face pressed up against an air vent, when they told me the route from point A to point B was much shorter than point B to C:}

I get out to hear the radio, like a cool outdoor cafe. I didn't remember having a favorite outdoor cafe, but from the sounds of it, it should have been a favorite of mine.

Well, I walk in and instead of it being my favorite place its a room filled with some of my favorite people. A surprise going away party. It was so fun being able to spend an evening just talking with friends and of corse getting a lot of pictures.

And of corse I have to show you how cute they decorated...

There were suitcases and pictures everywhere!!

They even had a table with a book on it where everyone wrote encouraging letters for me to read on the lonely days. The party was days ago and my heart is still so full. Thanks girls! I truly have never felt so loved.

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  1. The Land of Oz....as in KANSAS?!? I'm from good ol' KS. :) If just the Mid-West....welcome!!

  2. You have the sweetest friends! I can't believe you are almost leaving, how exciting!!! Can't wait for all the blessings to come:)

  3. What an awesome party! I know good things are on the way for you, friend.


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