August 12, 2014


There are different types of autographs. There are the autographs of countless friends in the backs of your high school year books. There is the book you have in storage of all the Disney characters autographs you got on your first trip to Disney World. Then there are those autographs that are special. The type where no one else is allowed to touch the item that is in a display case on your bookshelf let alone add their autograph to it! 

I have a couple of these "extra special" autographs in my home. One of them is a football signed by Terry Bradshaw {:for you non-football fan's, he was Matthew McConaughey's dad in Failure to Launch:}. The other is a t-shirt signed by Jerry West {:He is the outline of the NBA symbol:} from when I played on his team at a charity basketball game. 

Here at college, being away from home and the people I love is hard, but I believe it has opened me up to God in a bigger way. Not just through going to school, which I am blessed and thankful for, but through just having an unusual amount of time to just focus on Him and hearing Him. 

Now that I am back in school and in a new season it is almost like trying to find another identity and find my place again. One day I was walking to class and having some quiet time and God just brought this revelation into my heart. I heard God say to me "Sweet girl, your heart is not a yearbook, like you have been treating it. It's a collectible, and I am the only one who gets to write their name on it." 

Wow. I realized that all of my life I have allowed anyone and anything to write their names on my heart. They have autographed it with what they thought I was or should have been. I have let them autograph it with praise and disdain. I have even let past triumphs, failures, and mistakes write their names on my heart. I let others and situations sign my heart as though it is a yearbook, but God sees my heart as a collectible. My heart is meant to have the name of Jesus on it and no one else's. My heart is reserved and cherished for The ONE.

I have constantly been reminded of this in the past few days and I am on this journey of allowing God to erase the autographs of the past I have allowed to define me and tattooing His name on my heart. It is a bit uncomfortable, but how much better will it be, will I be, when the only name autographed on my heart is the name of the one who died to save it. 

Maybe this post was just a venting session or an update of what is going on in my life, but I have a feeling {:and I am praying this is true:} that maybe God is asking you to stop allowing your heart to be a yearbook as well. And maybe He is asking you to allow him to take you on the journey of erasing the names and situations you have allowed to define you and tattooing on it the Name Above All Names.

"See, I have written your name on the palms of my hands."
Isaiah 49:16

He has been "autographed" for you, will you allow Him to autograph your heart?

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August 2, 2014

Coming to You from the Future

Since I have been living in Australia, one of the most common thoughts that scrolls through my mind is "what time is it back home" {:and how good lunch from Chick-fil-a would be:}. There is a 14 hour difference between Sydney, Australia and West Virginia. So when it is 10am here it's 8pm yesterday there. Kinda weird and to think about, and something I'm not sure I'll ever get use to. 

When I FaceTime my parents or friends I am normally calling them from their tomorrow. When I message people or email them now, I tend to find myself telling them to have a good day and following it up with a"note from the future" telling them I already know it's going to be great because I have already lived it. 

I am kind of living in your tomorrow right now. Okay, that's not entirely true and I can't actually tell you how your day is going to go {:you're astonished, I know:}, but it makes me think of God. I'm not in your tomorrow, but God is. We would all probably love to know what will happen tomorrow or next week. Will we get that job? Will this be your last 9 months as a single couple? Will you meet Mr. Right? Will you pass your exam? Will you get a good or bad report from the doctor? 

There are so many things about the future we would like to know, but that's just not possible. What we can know is the One who holds the future. He goes before you and he already knows the perfect job he has for you. He already knows the perfect season for you to grow that little miracle world changer in you. He already knows the hour, minute, and second you will meet the man that will one day become your husband. He knows every detail of our lives.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, you could be facing right now, or question you could have, is a surprise to God. It says in Psalm 139 that He has planned each one of our days. Our tomorrow was planned before you were even a glisten in your mother's eye. Our job isn't to know what will happen tomorrow. Our job is to live today well. Tomorrow is already planned, you just have to live in it and rest in Him until it gets here. 
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