August 2, 2014

Coming to You from the Future

Since I have been living in Australia, one of the most common thoughts that scrolls through my mind is "what time is it back home" {:and how good lunch from Chick-fil-a would be:}. There is a 14 hour difference between Sydney, Australia and West Virginia. So when it is 10am here it's 8pm yesterday there. Kinda weird and to think about, and something I'm not sure I'll ever get use to. 

When I FaceTime my parents or friends I am normally calling them from their tomorrow. When I message people or email them now, I tend to find myself telling them to have a good day and following it up with a"note from the future" telling them I already know it's going to be great because I have already lived it. 

I am kind of living in your tomorrow right now. Okay, that's not entirely true and I can't actually tell you how your day is going to go {:you're astonished, I know:}, but it makes me think of God. I'm not in your tomorrow, but God is. We would all probably love to know what will happen tomorrow or next week. Will we get that job? Will this be your last 9 months as a single couple? Will you meet Mr. Right? Will you pass your exam? Will you get a good or bad report from the doctor? 

There are so many things about the future we would like to know, but that's just not possible. What we can know is the One who holds the future. He goes before you and he already knows the perfect job he has for you. He already knows the perfect season for you to grow that little miracle world changer in you. He already knows the hour, minute, and second you will meet the man that will one day become your husband. He knows every detail of our lives.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, you could be facing right now, or question you could have, is a surprise to God. It says in Psalm 139 that He has planned each one of our days. Our tomorrow was planned before you were even a glisten in your mother's eye. Our job isn't to know what will happen tomorrow. Our job is to live today well. Tomorrow is already planned, you just have to live in it and rest in Him until it gets here. 
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  1. LOVE this post so much! I just got down to Texas and was getting a little nervous since I am not sure about one single thing down here, but that was very reassuring and just what I needed to hear! Thank you for looking out for me in my future lol Hope your loving it in Australia!


Thanks for your comment. I absolutely LOVE reading them and they bring honest joy to my day, so thanks!

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