December 1, 2014

Here's to you year 27

To My 27th Year:

You were quite the year. You were filled with bittersweet endings and brave new beginnings. You were the year where I encountered the love of Jesus in a way that was unlike anything I have ever experienced. You were the year that allowed me to leave the safety of my comfort zone to spread my wings across the shores of the unknown. 

27, you were the year I gave up trying to fit into a mold that I thought I was suppose to fit perfectly in  to and started uncovering who it is I was created to be. In this year, Jesus started to erase the things I have allowed to write on my heart and began writing his own name on my heart with indelible ink. 27, you have been marked with the word identity.

You were the most difficult and stretching, yet the most beautiful and triumphant year of my life. I believe one day I will look back and mark you as one of the most significant years. 

27, thank you for the lessons you taught and the memories you brought, but 28 is going to be even better!

Love the birthday girl,
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  1. Happy birthday sweet friend! Love seeing where the Lord is taking you and all the adventures you are going on:)

  2. I loved your letter to 27. It was very inspirational and moving. Many more years to come. I don't even know you but you inspired me to not let go of that feeling of being free and trusting in God and identifying myself throughout this year. You rock!

  3. Happy belated birthday!!! May 28 be another amazing year.


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