December 10, 2014

The Brave are Never Fearless

Brave (v.): to endure, face, or meet courageously; to defy challenge; dare.

Brave. I've been hearing this word a lot lately. It's a word that many people have recently used to describe me in this season, mostly because of my decision to say yes to the calling of God on my life, even when it means moving half way around the world.

But, Brave? Really? Me? 

They obviously did not see the numerous times I was alone in my house before moving and just started crying because it all seemed to happening so fast. Or the times that I would wake up at night sweating and in a panic because the reality of leaving everything I knew and found safe was more than I could handle. Or the times after moving when I sat in my room overwhelmed and wondering if I could really do this. If I could really even handle everything God was/is calling me to.

A wise woman once said "Do it afraid." {:Joyce Meyer:} That has been my mantra in this season of life.

To look fear in the eyes and move forward in the direction of fear is a choice. It is not comfortable and it is certainly not natural. 

Today in my quiet time God spoke something into my spirit that was too good not to share with you:

"The brave are never fearless."

The brave are not superhuman people with a backbone of steel. The brave are you and me. They are not people who are unknown to ourselves, rather they are ordinary people that take the fear they have that has the potential to paralyze them, look it in the face and say:

"I dare you to try and stop me from everything God has planned for me."

This is the stance I have chosen to take in this season and every season. Fear has the potential to cripple you or motivate you. The places you find fear are often the places where you also have the most potential. If it wasn't why would Satan try to replace the potential with fear? Some of the worlds greatest authors have never written because they are afraid no one will read their writings. Some of the best evangelist have never shared Jesus with anyone because they are afraid that they will be rejected. The greatest God calls on peoples lives have yet to be tapped into because they are often the places that our greatest fears hide.

Today is your day! Look fear in the eye and DARE it to stop you from everything He has called you to.

Don't wait until you no longer feel the fear, do it afraid and remember...

The brave are NEVER fearless!

The Lord will grant that the enemies who rise up against you will be defeated before you. They will come at you from one direction but flee from you in seven. Deuteronomy 28:7

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December 1, 2014

Here's to you year 27

To My 27th Year:

You were quite the year. You were filled with bittersweet endings and brave new beginnings. You were the year where I encountered the love of Jesus in a way that was unlike anything I have ever experienced. You were the year that allowed me to leave the safety of my comfort zone to spread my wings across the shores of the unknown. 

27, you were the year I gave up trying to fit into a mold that I thought I was suppose to fit perfectly in  to and started uncovering who it is I was created to be. In this year, Jesus started to erase the things I have allowed to write on my heart and began writing his own name on my heart with indelible ink. 27, you have been marked with the word identity.

You were the most difficult and stretching, yet the most beautiful and triumphant year of my life. I believe one day I will look back and mark you as one of the most significant years. 

27, thank you for the lessons you taught and the memories you brought, but 28 is going to be even better!

Love the birthday girl,
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