April 27, 2015

Rise Up, My Darling

Hi Friend! How are you? I have a special treat for you to start off this week. It is a post by one of those people in my life that the moment I met her I wanted to be friends with her. She is beautiful, smart, sweet, funny, and an incredible and inspiring writer. It is such a blessing to have her write for MY Life in High Heels and I just know you will fall in love with her just as much as I have over the years! Michelle, and her rockstar sister have an AMAZING Facebook page titled My Darling that is filled every day with encouraging posts to start your morning off write. {:Be sure to pop over and show some love after you fall in love with her:} 

~name~michelle~favorite ice cream flavor~any flavor when sharing it with my two loves, my husband and my sweet little girl. Blueberry cheesecake or anything with chocolate and chewy chunks, will always top the list of favorites for me, lol. (I'm an ice cream fanatic, so it's hard to pick just one.)~i never leave the house without...~putting chapstick on my lips and giving my family a kiss and saying "I love you". You never know when it will be your last time. I don't take that for granted. ~when I win the lottery I'm going to ....~well first, they say you have to play to win, but IF I ever played and won, the very first thing I'd like to do is pay off all my families houses so they could live comfortably. But honestly, I'm paralyzed at the thought of having that much money. With that much money comes great responsibility.~if I could...for the rest of my life I would be happy~if I could be a mommy and keep my little girl little for the rest of my life I would be perfectly happy, but that would be selfish of me, because she deserves the chance to spread her wings and fly. In becoming a mommy, I feel I found my destiny and myself. I'll be honest, I'm already really dreading those empty nest years.

Hello beautiful peeps! I have to say it is such an enormous honor to be a guest writer for a young lady I admire so greatly. I've known Amber for many years now, and as the years pass by us, our friendship continues to flourish. She has such an immense heart for Christ and getting His amazing love out to the world. And although I'm older (shhhhh... let's keep that to ourselves, shall we) I look to Amber as a great mentor. So, thank you all for following her and be sure to give her some extra love today from around the globe. Not too long ago I was in church when Matthew 26:6-13 was read aloud. I had heard the story so many times through out my life, but this time it hit be differently. Let me recap the story for you... Jesus is visiting his friend, Simon. They are eating when a woman comes in the house with a beautiful jar of expensive perfume. She pours the entire jar of perfume over Jesus' head. This enraged the disciples... why would she waste all the money she could have gotten for that perfume instead of selling it and using it for a good cause, like feeding the poor. Jesus answered their questions by saying, "Why criticize this woman for doing such a good thing to me? You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me. She has poured this perfume on me to prepare my body for burial. (And here's where it gets really good.. He continues...) I tell you the truth, wherever the Good News is preached throughout the world, this woman's deed will be remembered and discussed."

Whoa! That's some powerful stuff right there, right? I mean, Jesus just said this woman would be remembered and talked about around the world for generations to come! For me, as a woman, this is mind blowing! And I'll tell you why... First, There are so many great women (and men) I admire. Most have been given large platforms in the world, and when I think about how they will be remembered for decades to come, a part of me feels... well... a bit jealous.

B U T L O O K H E R E...

This woman's actions and story is so important that throughout the world her story will continue to be told. YET, her story doesn't even mention her name. I'm willing to make a bet that if her name was
mentioned, many new mothers and fathers would have named their new baby girls after her or in honor of her... but her name is insignificant to us. Jesus didn't want her name to be what we remembered. He wanted and said it was her actions... her deed... that was to be remembered. Secondly, I am shocked that a story so important literally takes up only eight tiny verses in the book of Matthew. Eight tiny verses to remember the legacy of this faithful woman's dynamic actions. I guess what I am trying to convey is the fact that we may all have times in our lives where we feel so small.. so insignificant in this great big world that we feel like our efforts are not worth the sweat and tears we may be putting in to them. BUT, be inspired today by this woman's great story. Be encouraged by her actions. Don't hold back... seize the moments of here and now that God has so graciously given and make the most of it. Jesus said, "you will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me". It's the same with the time we have here on earth. Tomorrow is a gift... not a guarantee. Be intentional. Live on purpose. Who cares if your name is never in lights or if you never feel like you have a platform to stand on. Don't go to the gates of Heaven only to say, I stopped trying to spread the Good News because you never gave me a podium to stand on. May it be your greatest fear that you will get to Heaven, stand before your King, and hear all the things you shoulda-coulda-woulda done if only you would have just kept going.... just kept trying. God doesn't need us to have a special name. He doesn't need us to stand on the largest box we can find in order to win hearts to him. We don't need all the greatest resources at our grasp in order to honor Him. All we need is to take what we've been given and use it to the best of our abilities. I don't ever expect to have my story written in the history books, but I do want my story to be told for generations to come. And by that... I mean, I hope and pray that my children will one day be telling their great grandchildren of a woman that seized every moment she had to live for God and spread His amazing love. A woman that was willing to go the distance and give her whole heart to what ever God called her to do. They may not remember my name... but I'm hoping they remember my small story... and they are inspired by it. Remember, you may only be a small fish in a very big ocean... but our Mighty God takes the tiny fish and multiplies them to feed hundreds! Keep your light burning and shine it brightly. 
~Rise Up, Michelle xoxo
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