April 4, 2015

Silent Saturday

Hi babes! How are you? I'm well, still basking in what was an incredible Good Friday service and what will be nothing short of a beautiful Easter Sunday.

I love Easter. I love the message of the cross and the power of what Jesus did on the cross. That he rose to life defeating death once and for all. On this weekend we celebrate two monumental, cornerstone beliefs in our faith-the death and resurrection of our Savior. But, in between those two significant days, Friday and Sunday, was Saturday.

Yesterday in our Good Friday service, my pastor was speaking from this topic of "Silent Saturday." The day between the promise and the fulfillment.

As he was speaking I couldn't help but wonder, what were his disciples thinking on that Saturday? What was his mother thinking on that silent day? Mary? Martha?

Like so often it does, the Bible leaves out so many details, but from what it does tell us I am fairly certain that many of these people were facing fear and doubt on that Saturday. "Sure He said he would die and be raised to life, but what if he doesn't."

Even the Romans who crucified him had a mixture of both faith and doubt. They doubted he was the Messiah and would raise in three days saving them from their sins, yet they put a heavy stone and guard at his tomb just in case they were wrong.

Fear and doubt always seem to creep in on Silent Saturday.

Sure we have a longing in our soul to be married and we are fairly certain that, that desire comes from Christ, but today is Silent Saturday and our faith has been diluted with fear and doubt, wondering if tomorrow the promise will indeed be fulfilled or we will watch yet another girl dawn the white dress before we do.

You heard God call you to a new path in life one day and humbly accepted this path. But today it is Silent Saturday. The path has become windy, and in all honesty you're not even sure you are on it anymore because it doesn't look like you are anywhere close to what God was calling you to. Don't lose heart. Don't let doubt dig up what you planted in faith.

If you are in a Silent Saturday season, living between promise and fulfillment, where what was once a beautiful God promise now seems to be losing it's beauty - don't give up.

 Sunday is coming. 

When you have taken your eighth pregnancy test with a negative result - Sunday is coming. When you have been turned down by another employer, for a job you were more than qualified for - Sunday is coming. When you feel like no one understands you anymore because you have made a choice to live differently, to live for Christ and its left you feeling lonely and isolated - Sunday is coming. When you are facing depression and anxiety and it feels like you are living in a black hole - Sunday is coming.

When fear and doubt try and crowd out your faith in your Silent Saturday- remind yourself that Sunday is coming! There is always victory on Sunday.

Happy Easter!
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  1. Wow, how beautifully said.......Sunday is coming! Hope you had a wonderful Easter.


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